Friday, January 16, 2015

Bobby Jindal: Muslims Must Admit 'Islam Has a Problem'

By Cathy Burke / NEWSMAX

Muslim leaders must publicly condemn jihadist terror attacks like the deadly strikes in France and concede "Islam has a problem," Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal says.

"If Islam does not support what is happening in the name of Islam, then they need to stand up and stop it," Jindal declares in a speech he'll give Monday in London, the Daily Caller reports.

"Many Islamic leaders argue that these are the acts of a radical few."

But, Jindal's speech at the Henry Jackson Society will argue, "Let’s be honest here, Islam has a problem."

"I will warn you in advance that I’m going to say some things that are not politically correct, so brace yourselves," he will say, the Daily Caller reports.

"To be clear, I have no interest in defaming any religion, nor do I have any interest in assigning the maniacal acts of radical Islamists to millions of Muslims worldwide. I’m interested only in dealing with reality and facts.

"And the fact is that radical Islamists do not believe in freedom or common decency, nor are they willing to accommodate them in any way and anywhere," Jindal says. "We need to stop pretending otherwise. … We are fools to pretend otherwise."

According to the Daily Caller, Jindal will insist that Muslim leaders emphasize anyone who commits "acts of terror in the name of Islam is in fact not practicing Islam at all."

"If they refuse to say this, then they are condoning these acts of barbarism," Jindal says.

"There is no middle ground."

Jindal's remarks are in stark contrast to the Obama administration, which has carefully avoided using the term "radical Islam," insisting it doesn't want to legitimize terrorists' use of Islam for their attacks.
In his speech, Jindal also will say America needs to get tough and stay that way, the Daily Caller reports.

"I want America’s allies to trust us and respect us, and I want our enemies to fear us," he says. "Every day our enemies spend their time trying to avoid our justice is a day they are not plotting against us. And I fear that in recent years this has not been the case."

He will also take on a leftist notion that it's bigoted to expect immigrants to assimilate when they come to the United States, the Daily Caller reports.

"There was once a time when it was taken for granted in America that people who came to our country were coming to America to be Americans," he says. "But over time, a different philosophy has crept in, and that philosophy now dominates the thinking of the American left, and perhaps even the mainstream of thinking in Europe.

"This philosophy holds the view that it is wrong to expect assimilation, that assimilation is colonialist, assimilation is backward, and assimilation is in fact evidence of cultural bigotry and insensitivity.

"They think it is wrong to expect that people who chose to immigrate to your country should be expected to endorse and abide by your laws.

"They think it is unenlightened, discriminatory, and even racist to expect immigrants to endorse and assimilate into the culture in their new country.

"This is complete rubbish," Jindal said.


  1. I agree...nuff said! Obama IS a radical muzzie!

    1. A "radical muzzie" with an approval rating higher than any 2nd term president in decades. Way higher than GWB at the same point in his sorry excuse for a presidency. "Radical muzzie"... Good GOD you people constantly work on a middle school level of discourse.