Friday, February 13, 2015

Kayla Mueller’s ISIS Assisted Suicide

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on
kay 1Oh…Poor Kayla Mueller.

An American…held captive by ISIS and now…dead at the age of 26.  Poor…POOR…Kayla Mueller.

We have been told that she died in a Jordanian bombing of an ISIS position. The Islamic terrorists sent photos of what was left of her to her hopeful parents and they confirmed that their daughter…poor Kayla Mueller was indeed…dead.

The mainstream media and even some Conservative leaning media organizations made her untimely and…tragic death…their front page news.


I just can’t bring myself to well up even a single crocodile tear for Kayla Mueller.

If you think she was killed in some Jordanian bombing of an ISIS position…might I suggest you put down the Kool Aid and take a sip of reality instead. ISIS most likely killed Mueller long before those bombings ever took place and we’ll most likely never know exactly how or when she died because ISIS was just looking for and taking advantage OF a crisis.

Never let a crisis go to waste…right?

And since nobody else seems to want to put a realistic cause of death tag on Kayla Mueller…allow me to step up with THIS dose of reality…

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  1. Boy this is an eye opener...the media would have you believe she was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Thanks for the information on this young woman. Although she played with fire and got burned, I still feel that it was partly her parent's fault and the media's fault for painting the Muslims as something they are not. Unfortunately her zeal to help those in need went to the satanic side and she died. If she died in a suicide as you say, then I will withdraw my sympathy.

    You and Diane do an excellent job on your radio program. I hope to listen if you broadcast this weekend. Diane is good about posting if one is going to happen.

    I'm sorry to your frequent quest if he should read this, but I prefer to not have Muslims in our country. If all of them could be like Mucdar (not sure of spelling), I would welcome Muslims with open arms. However, I know that even he sees the evil side of Islam. If Christians did this to Muslims, I would denounce them just as harshly.

    Keep up the good fight patriots!

  2. Thank you from both Craig and I...and YES our show is LIVE today at 11am EST.