Thursday, August 13, 2015

Another Three-Ring Political Circus
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media /

Well it's NOT even week's end yet, but it seems so apropos to do a wrap up of the week's to date main events...this week's political three-ring circus I should say...what with 'The Donald'...for better or worse...still dominating the news 24/7 ad-nausum.

Continuing to whine that Megyn Kelly was so mean to him...oh boo-hoo...the injustice of it all...Trump continues on in his quest to 'buy' himself an election with his billions of dollars in wealth that he so loves to keep throwing in 'We the People's' face. Now started to tout that his most favorite book is the Bible...just 'trumping' if you will his saying that his second favorite book is his very own 'The Art of the Deal'...what else...the man who has willingly broken so many of the Ten Commandments is really quite laughable as he's just saying what so many on the far-right want to hear. Taking the art of pandering for votes to a new level...adding even more 'oblivious-to-the-truth' blind followers to his own special brand of sheeple...Trump continues to prove that the man who says he is NO politician is actually the most consummate politician of them all.

Next's a little gem from earlier this seems some of Hillary’s 'unsecure emails' did indeed have highly sensitive classified information in them. NO surprise there as that's been suspected for quite some time, but the big news is that after all these long months of investigation the FBI has finally done its job and taken into possession the very 'thumb drives' that most likely contain the very emails Hillary has long-claimed were just 'personal' in nature. But the turnover of the 'thumb drives' only happened after Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall, voluntarily...or so he says...turned them over because of what he claimed was 'much duress and pressure.' And know this story only broke after Iowa Senator Charles Grassley disclosed that two of the emails were found to contain what's known as 'Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information,' which is amongst the federal government’s highest classification levels.

But here's the kicker...Kendall only turned over said 'thumb drives' after the FBI told him...with NO rebuttal allowed...that he could NOT “remain in possession” of the classified information, thereby reversing their previously held stance that they were “comfortable” with him keeping the emails at his private D.C. law office. Well here's a news flash...while the Obama-controlled FBI might have been 'comfortable' with that arrangement 'We the People' NEVER were. And this little peccadillo has been the very thing that has stalled the investigation from going forward in a timely manner all these many months.

Sigh...the truth is that this was NOTHING but Washington's game playing attempt to buy Hillary more time to cover her butt and NOTHING more...we know it...they know it...and they know we know it...yet they simply do NOT care.

Next up is somewhat of a shocker to me as liberal extraordinaire, New York Senior Senator Chuck Schumer, is going up against 'the anointed one' by actively and outwardly lobbying his fellow Democratic Senators to join with the Republicans in opposing Obama's very bad sellout deal with Iran. Hell just dropped a degree or two in its heat index I'd say...amazing...utterly and truly amazing.

So as Schumer lobbies his cohorts...even while Congress is in recess...imploring them to vote 'nay' on the deal when the Senate takes up what's known as a 'resolution of disapproval' that must be voted on or by the September 17th deadline, Schumer is hoping this 'resolution' does garner the 60 votes needed to overcome a Democratic filibuster. But the most dangerous aspect of this sellout deal is how can Obama secure the needed 34 Senators to uphold his sure to come veto. Right now, the Senate vote is still too close to make a final call, although just this past night Monday night Arizona Senator John McCain...Chairman of the Armed Services Committee...stated during an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show that he was "pretty confident" that the Senate will get the needed 60 votes to reject the deal. But with 13 Democrats needed to override any Obama veto still being the sticking point... and with the latest count being but 5 Democrats to date saying they will vote to reject the deal...there is just barely a month to reach that 2/3 required majority vote needed to kill this abomination in total.

And so the question remains...will the Senators do the right thing or will they vote based solely upon party loyalty. Or dare I say will the old hatreds and feelings of anti-Semitism against both the Jewish people and against the Jewish State of Israel, coupled with those who show marked favoritism towards the trouble-making Palestinians, influence the final vote...only time will tell I guess.

And last up in this week's political three-ring four rings Ferguson, Missouri...the current epicenter of 'those who continue to behave badly.' Supposedly being in Ferguson to 'peacefully'...yeah right... commemorate the one year anniversary of (thug) Michael Brown's death had more than 50 protesters arrested on the first night alone of what has turned into ongoing violence throughout this week. And stirring the pot is the white-hating racists in disguise group  known as the 'Black Lives Matter Movement' who had the nerve to demand...YES demand...the dissolution of the Ferguson Police Department because how dare Officer Darren Wilson be cleared of acting unlawfully in the (rightful) shooting death of 18-year old (thug) Michael Brown.

Now to add insult to the injury of a city sadly still looking like a war zone, on Sunday night officers exchanged at least 40 rounds of gunfire with an armed young black man who was a friend of Brown's and who himself was acting oh so badly. But who has the media been painting as the villain...the police of course...never mind that the protesters locked arms, walked toward a police cordon, and began throwing objects while shouting, "We are ready for war!"

We are ready for war!" The ramifications of those words show us just how far once-improving race relations in our country have fallen, and through it all Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his minions... minions like the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder and crew... sit back and smile as they line their own pockets off the misery of an American city being consumed in hatred and misdirected but oh-so cleverly calculated and crafted self-perceived injustices.

And this week still has days to go.

So as we move towards week's end and as news continues to it always does...I just wonder if the currently ongoing political circus will turn into an out-and-out freak show...a freak show with NO hall of mirrors being able to deflect or distort the sad reality that is life in today's Obamanation.

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