Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mega Mosque Proposed in Chaldean Christian Community in Michigan

A member of the Iraqi Christian community in Michigan wrote to alert me of a proposed mega-mosque going up in a Chaldean Christian community in Michigan. How frightening it must be to them when their Chaldean brethren in Iraq and Syria are being systematically cleansed from their centuries-old homelands under Muslim rule.

The genocide of the Chaldean Christians accompanied by this:
A 60 feet tall, 20,500 sq. ft. mega-mosque in what is a predominantly Iraqi Christian area of Sterling Heights, Michigan (15 Mile Road and Ryan Road, also known as Chaldean-town in the area).
As you probably know for many years, Muslims lived in Dearborn and the Iraqi Christian community lived in other areas of Southeastern Michigan, including the city of...

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