Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Ongoing War on America's Police 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on http://cprworldwidemedia.net/ 

“The president of the United States started this war on the police.”  
- Milwaukee, Minnesota, Sheriff David Clarke

Fourteen police officers lay dead as we leave August behind with seven murdered just in the last week and a half and yet a deafening hush has fallen over the White House.

Remember when black thug Michael Brown was killed while lunging at white police officer Darren Wilson after committing a robbery in Ferguson, Missouri, and how former Attorney General Eric Holder directed the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division to “prove” that the Ferguson Police Department was guilty of racism even though he had NO evidence, while at the same the Black “Pigs-in-a-blanket fry 'em like bacon” Lives Matter movement...a 'murder movement' fixated on both police officers and white people in general...was born.

And remember, the Obama White House remained publicly silent as it actually worked behind the scenes to egg on both Holder and the 'Black Lives Matter' hate group. And when Ferguson was set ablaze using Brown's death as their justification for rioting, stealing, and looting, Obama himself added fuel to the fire by sending in his cohort in racism...the anything but Reverend Al Sharpton... to stoke the fires of discontent and to make sure that blame for the rioting was placed squarely on the police...need more...I really didn't think so.

Violence against our police...against those who take an oath to 'serve and protect'...has reached epic proportions and ground zero of it all (I truly believe) is our racist-in-chief Barack HUSSEIN Obama followed in second place...in my opinion... by New York City racist Mayor Bill DeBlasio...the man who hundreds of police officers rightfully turned their backs on when he hypocritically spoke at the funerals of slain police officers Wenjen Lu and Raphael Ramos, the two officers shot execution style in their police car while eating lunch. And DeBlasio is the very man who, as a thank-you of sorts to his core fellow police-hating supporters, among many other things did away with 'stop-and-frisk'...a 1990 police hierarchy instituted policy that rightfully allowed police officers to search and detain anyone they suspected of committing a crime.

And as the violence against our police officers continues on, now entering center stage is yet another black thug and a career criminal of sorts...with numerous arrests for resisting arrest, trespassing, and disorderly conduct with a firearm...named Shannon J. Miles. Now in custody and charged with capital murder in the cowardly, cold-blooded, senseless, unprovoked, again execution-style shooting in the back of the head death of Houston, Texas, Deputy and dedicated family man Darren H. Goforth while he was simply fueling up his patrol car...Miles continued on in a classic case of overkill as he kept shooting Deputy Goforth multiple times...15 times in the back and in the head...even after he had fallen to the ground dead.

Simply and with NO punches pulled...Deputy Goforth was 'targeted' solely because he wore a police uniform, making this really an open-and- shut death penalty case as the handgun used in the shooting and ballistic tests on the weapon recovered at the scene matched the one used to kill the deputy and matched Miles' fingerprints as well. And yet you know 'the element'...including Obama and his ilk...will soon be twisting the story around to make Deputy Goforth the perpetrator and black thug Shannon J. Miles the victim. Just imagine the brouhaha from Obama and his racist buddies if Goforth had been able to turn around, shoot, and kill Miles...'the element' would be looting and burning things up even as I write this...and Obama would be on the phone telling his buddy Al Sharpton to get to Houston post-haste and stir up 'the element' even more.

And so the war...YES war...on our police is on going and shows NO signs of abating. And the war officially began back in December 2014, when community organizer turned media-anointed president, now turned community agitator, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, signed yet another one of his infamous 'pen and phone' Executive Orders, this time establishing the 'President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing.' Sadly, however, since this task force was created, to date 70+ police officers have been killed in the line of duty, yet Obama continues spewing words about “the distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities...” setting a dangerous tone coupled with dangerous rhetoric as anti-police protests continue to spring-up throughout our country.

So while we all know that every profession has its share of so-called 'bad apples'...our police have unfairly been singled out for condemnation by the very ones...by 'the element'...who by using perceived injustices to justify their actions when in actuality it's they who commit the most crimes... and Obama of course does NOT step-in to defuse this ever-expanding, anti-police discourse. Two critical cases in point of Obama's closing his eyes to the plight of our police had the first one being last December when Al Sharpton held...in honor of dead thug Michael Brown of all things...an anti-police march in Washington D.C., a march where he was was joined in hate by the families of blacks (who were rightfully) killed by police. And as thousands marched toward the capitol and were joined by others marching down the streets of New York City in protest of what they called 'an epidemic of abuse at the hands of police' they shouted over and over, "What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!" And NOTHING was done nor a peep heard from the powers that be to help tone down what was actually the first battle in 'the element's' media assisted, Obama driven, war against the police.

And the more recent second case happened just this past July when an edict was issued by outwardly and abashedly racist, police-hating, Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, who called for 10,000 black men to “rise up” and commit mass murder of police. Saying,“Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling,” this pledge to murder police officers was and still is being ignored by the Obama regime as NO word of condemnation has been forthcoming nor is any investigation being ordered by said regime.

And as the murder of police officers continues to happen...one or two at a time...it's come to the point where 'We the People' must accept as fact that we have a president who is actively siding with 'those behaving badly' as he encourages and instigates their actions by the simple act of remaining deafeningly silent. Reveling in causing as much racial division and civil unrest as possible, Obama and his minions have made it so that police officers are now being forced to second guess their actions...and when the officer's life is on the line he cannot afford the time needed to second guess anything. Fearing what he considers a right decision will be twisted by 'the element' into being a wrong decision that might bring out cries of racism, the police now have an enemy in a president who is deliberately upping his efforts to...as Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark says...“polarize, dehumanize, and ultimately destroy the will power that is so essential to each and every individual police officer throughout the country.”

And proving this sad fact can be seen in Obama's absence of any comment on the execution-style murder of white Deputy Goforth by one of his black thug brethren. But is this really all that unexpected from the man who sends White House representatives to the funerals of street thugs, yet sends NOT a soul to the funerals of murdered police officers.

Says it all now doesn't it. 


  1. The time for citizen vigilance is now! Observe and report. Have the phone cameras ready 24/7. Be on alert 24/7 ! Film this shit. Get convictions every time. The thug scum has targeted our society when they targeted our law enforcement! If you are out and see a cop, watch his/her 6 the whole time you are within seeing distance!

    1. I so agree with all you said as unfortunately this miserable excuse of a president has started an internal war here in our country.

  2. I pray for wisdom to prevail. I pray for Christ's inspiration to be breathed into all of our Patriot population, both uniform and civilian. Inspire your Angels on Earth to protect us and give shore up our determination for Godly solutions. Protect us from the decievers. In the name of Chist Jesus or True Lord and Savior. Amen.

  3. While I appreciate your prayers I believe this is our tangible here and now battle to fight NOT Gods.