Thursday, October 15, 2015

Obamacare, depending on who you ask in the GOP, is either a calculated Trojan Horse designed to collapse and release single payer health care upon the American public, a flawed piece of legislation that needs badly to be revised, or the greatest evil inflicted on the American public since slavery. But what if it was something far simpler: namely, free money for Democrats? A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to congressional requesters provided to this author suggests that this explanation may, in fact, be the correct one.

Buried in the document’s appendices is a stunning statistic. Out of $5,509,074,183 in grants allocated to state-based exchanges, $1,453,766,433 was spent on actually building the IT infrastructure of Obamacare websites. More suspiciously still, nearly $2.4 billion was authorized for IT spending, and of the over $5.5 billion total, apparently only $3.2 billion was actually spent. However, despite the exchanges being $2.3 billion under budget, only a scant $300 million has been returned to the federal government so far.

A cynical observer might suggest that this money was never intended to be used for health care at all. Rather, it would seem that it went to Democratic governors as free money for them to shore up their coffers and pay them back for political support. Illegal? Unethical? Such concerns have never been worth much to an administration marked by the kind of Leftist political cynicism personified by President Obama’s administration.

But for the sake of argument, let’s give the states the benefit of the doubt, which brings us back to the obvious question: if only $300 million has been returned out of $2.3 billion that wasn’t spent at all, what happened to the other $2 billion? And if only $1.4 billion was spent of $2.4 billion authorized for IT spending, what happened to the other $1 billion of that?

Could this money have been spent on advertising for the state-based exchanges? One hopes not, considering the experience of Oregon.

Could it have been spent hiring staff to sign people up, either online or over the phone? If so, then why did sites crash and phone lines clog up under the weight of people trying to get coverage?

Could it have been spent getting people to enroll at all? Well, considering Hawaii signed up zero people while spending $200 million on its Obamacare special enrollment period, that would be quite the trick.

Was it used to help the poor afford better health care? Considering the deductibles many of them have to pay, the punchline almost writes itself.

Was it used on exchanges that worked at all? Well, Maryland spent more than the over $86 million it was allotted for IT, yet the exchange still went down in infamy for its failure. Oregon spent nearly all of its IT budget, yet its site fared even more hilariously poorly. Hawaii, meanwhile, spent nearly $90 million of its $120 million IT budget on a site that, again, signed up zero people.

In other words, the money that is accounted for seems to have been tossed down the drain, while the money that hasn’t been accounted for clearly can’t have gone to anything that would’ve made the exchanges work better, because nothing in their operation suggests that anything was spent to improve them at all. Where, then, did those phantom billions go, if not to what it was actually intended to do?

Fortunately, now that Congress has the aforementioned report in their hands, they can ask these sorts of questions of people such as President Obama’s acting head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS), Andy Slavitt. Slavitt needs to give the American people a precise accounting of what the states spent, and why they’ve only sent back $300 million, when they allegedly came in at least $2.3 billion under budget. Where is the extra money, and why hasn’t he demanded it back from the administration’s political allies?

These are not questions that Congress can shy away from, and they’re not questions that the Obama administration should be allowed to avoid. The math is there in cold black and white. Now it’s time to see whether Obamacare truly ended in the black, or if it’s only the ultimate black mark on this administration’s already corrupt record.


  1. Obama care was designed as a money stealing scheme to further reduce what one owns in America whether rich or poor.Reduce the rich while taking the home that the poor own and using within the scheme the indigent against them is a way of prevent the people of the united States from raising an army against the folks responsible for doing so.Obama and the Democrats are that are 33% communist party are responsible to their masters abroad in the same way the Countries 16 intelligence agencies are responsible abroad.How do i know this,you ask?because they spend the majority of their time looking in and not out and what intelligence they are able to pick up on outside the Country,is either wrong or discourageable at best.Ever since the formation of the United Nations after World war 2 ,the World Governments have strived to turn their nations into hybrid communist Countries with one ideal in mind,rule from top down.The United States has been the greatest challenge in that it was by design to rule from bottom up with not three branches of government ,but 4 branches of Government was set up ,{the first branch of Government is the Constitution itself,there is no other greater branch in Government ,this branch was designed to Govern the other three branches.} The second branch of Government is the {Congress with two distinctive halves or houses,each of them with powers the other does not have }.The third branch of Government is the {judicial branch,its job and it's only job was to be the protector of the first and most important branch of Government}.The last and forth branch of Government is the {Executive branch,it job was to administer day to day and year to year administrator duties and enforcer of the first branch of Government,It's greatest duty was to protect and serve the first branch of Government}.any member of the second,third ,or fourth branch of government that did not follow the Supreme first branch is by declaration a traitor and should be not only expunged,but imprisoned as an enemy of the country.The first branch of Government has 12 original pieces or parts in it.Each one of those original pieces has a specific duty or obligation of force.Any part added to this portion of Government can only be added to top because the first 12 pieces are foundation and any part there after has to pass the absolute test of the first 12 and any part of that which does not pass the test will not be added to it and is considered not a part of it ,but those parts added to it that pass the test of the first 12 ,then can be added and create a force with the first 12 and thus any part added thereafter has to pass the test of the first13 and so on .No part that is added can inflict damage tot he first.}A rock solid foundation has been set forth and if argued in international court ,the first branch would defeat all comers to the test.This is why they have passed codes that have Marshall law in them,though they are not legal codes.They have been pushing the American people to a point that which the people would bring upon the Government military uprising,where as the public would loose by default because of the first 12.Understand that the only way given to the people to bring about change was in the court room.It has never been tried before ,but with standards of international laws and in international court the traitors within the the three branches occupied by people are able to be brought to justice.The members if the three branches of Government that are occupied by people can be expunged by means of international was never intended for this republic to fall away.Yes the three branches have become thru traitors dysfunctional.It can be brought to the international court and by the first branch the written Constitution ,justice can prevail.

    1. Excellent, now are there any human beings on this earth willing to take the steps and put the traitors in prison? I keep looking for one out of the 7 billion people on this earth, I'm still searching. Do you need a law degree to start the process, or just a large sum of money? Would be nice if you could just use the constitution and start arresting those individuals.