Saturday, December 12, 2015

Homeland Security Shut Down Investigation Into Farook And Malik Linked Jihad Group To Protect ‘Civil Liberties’ Of Potential Terrorists

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deleted intel records relating to notorious jihadists linked to San Bernardino Islamic terrorists Sayed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, because they wanted to protect the “civil liberties” of members of the caliphate-supporting network.

My civil liberties and your civil liberties are being abridged in accordance with the blasphemy laws under Shariah (Islamic laws). My organization is engaged in 15 different free speech lawsuits against various cities. Our free speech lawsuit against Boston is heading to the Supreme Court because even though truthful, our ads violate the laws of sharia (‘do not criticize Islam’). We are being forced to adhere to sharia mores but jihad murderers are given...


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  1. Obama has placed muslims in high positions in our DHS, so this should come as no surprise. The foreign muslim sources that have given millions of dollars to Obama and Hillary are certainly getting their money's worth.

    Why is it that Islam and sharia law call for no criticism of Islam?
    Why is it that Islam and sharia law call for death to anyone who insults Islam or Muhammad?
    Why cannot a muslim question and leave Islam if he chooses?
    Why cannot islam be questioned and criticized?

    Let me suggest that it is for the same reason that the Wizard of Oz told Dorothy to pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
    It is because the owners of islam, the rulers of Arabia and Iran and high clerics know that if they allow criticism of Islam, people will soon realize that there is nothing there, except the idea that there is one God, which was known by Jews and christians long before Muhammad borrowed it from them, and declared that Islam had existed before Judaism, and claimed that the first five books of the Bible were distortions of Jews by the true Islamic word of God ( an obvious falsehood to any one who does the slightest investigation).And the idea that Islam has of one God is defective, since its God hates everyone but muslims, whereas the fact is that God loves all of us equally and unconditionally.

    If Islam could be questioned or could open its mind a bit it, the muslims it dominates would soon realize that the millions of near death experiences and near death like experiences around the world are showing us that God is a God of love for all. And we are His children, not his slaves. Over and over the experiencers report being in the presence of a brilliant light that radiates such love that they do not want to ever leave it, but they are told or given the choice to return to life because they have work to do here.

    Islam and sharia law are the most powerful form of tyranny over the mind of man on the planet today, and we must oppose them. We should realize that all persons , muslims and others alike, are beloved children of God, but love does not mean allowing a misguided soul to kill or injure you or to destroy your freedoms. There is a difference between and person and what that person does or believes, and it is wrong to respect or honor or give in to wrong conduct and wrong beliefs.

    Islam cannot stand up to the light of day, and so it endeavors to terrorize and kill anyone who questions it.

    And since Islam is what it is, a primitive warlord political ideology that uses religion and terror and murder and war and deceipt in the name of religion to destroy the freedoms and lives of others, and will do so to our constitution if it can, we should amend the constitution to specifically declare that Islam shall not be considered a religion under the Constitution and laws of the United States or any state thereof, and No court of the United States or any state thereof shall recognize or enforce sharia law.