Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gynecologists: Anti-FGM laws “culturally insensitive and supremacist”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Gynecologists: Anti-FGM laws “culturally insensitive and supremacist”
Gynecologists Kavita Shah Arora and Allan Jacobs are monstrous moral relativists who are, under the rubric of multiculturalism, aiding and abetting the Sharia subjugation and dehumanization of women. They probably congratulate themselves as great champions of women’s rights: they even here justify the mutilation of a woman’s genitals, which is done in order to remove […]
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1 comment:

  1. Nothing more clearly illustrates the difference between the teachings of love and the worth of the individual that came from Jesus, and the teachings of hatred and the subjection of the individual that came from Mohammed, than does this barbaric cruel practice of female genital mutilation.

    For Jesus, God is the loving Father of humanity, in whose eyes each individual, male or female, is an immortal soul gifted with free will and the right to use his or her body as he or she sees fit so long as he does not attack or defraud others. Jesus always enjoined love, kindness and forgiveness, but he never sought to force these on anyone.

    Our great declaration of our inalienable rights to life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness is exactly in accord with the free will given to all by God.

    For Mohammed, however, hate for all non muslims by God is a basic principle, as is the second class status of women in the eyes of God. And female genital mutilation is just another islamic example of hurting and controlling the woman for the supposed benefit of the man. Another example of going contrary to the will of God and stealing from the woman her God given right to treat her body as she see fit. It is criminal child molestation in one of its worst forms.

    It is time for even the socialists, who crave votes of every special interest group, to recognize that there is no moral equivalency between the teachings of Jesus and those of Mohammed. Some cultural practices are simply wrong, and are not entitled to any respect whatsoever, and FGM is one of them.

    The great free prosperous country in which we live is a direct result of legal principles of individual rights and liberties that find their fundamental basis in worth of the individual in the eyes of God taught by Jesus.