Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My Short and Simple Synopsis on Last Night's Debate
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Last night was about swaying votes...did either candidate succeed...in a word NO...all they did was keep their base. While Donald Trump was good and got some real points across, like about NAFTA just for one, he missed key opportunities to work into the discourse and nail Hillary on Benghazi, the emails, the Iran deal, and the Clinton Foundation.

As for Hillary...the woman standing on that stage looked like a bloated doped-up caricature of her true self (complete with temporary facelift tapes in place) what with that phony (unnerving) smile plastered on her face throughout the debate. Giving obviously rehearsed and expected pat answers...answers we've heard many times before...Hillary Clinton is the epitome of a D.C. career politician...the very thing we so need to get away from.

Who do I think won if I must pick a winner...Donald Trump simply because he was able to hold his own and stay on topic against a woman who, in her 30 years in politics, has talked the good talk but stabbed America in the back every chance she got.

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