Friday, September 2, 2016

Report: Bill Clinton Used Tax Dollars on Foundation, Private Email Server

Bill Clinton used taxpayer money to subsidize his family's Clinton Foundation as well as an associated business his wife Hillary's private email server, Politico reports.
Image: Report: Bill Clinton Used Tax Dollars on Foundation, Private Email ServerThe former president was able to fund his endeavors through a federal government program enacted in 1958 to keep past commanders in chief from going broke.

Politico said its investigation of records obtained from the General Services Administration through the Freedom of Information Act, does not indicate that Clinton did anything illegal.

"But it does offer fresh evidence of how the Clintons blurred the line between their non-profit foundation, Hillary Clinton's State Department and the business dealings of Bill Clinton and the couple's aides," Politico's Kenneth Vogel writes.

"Taxpayer cash was used to buy IT equipment — including servers — housed at the Clinton Foundation, and also to supplement the pay and benefits of several aides now at the center of the email and cash-for-access scandals dogging Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign."


  1. These assholes are about as crooked as two assholes can be! I'm sure they laugh themselves to sleep each night knowing how fucking stupid the people who vote for them are!

    1. I'm sure they do...the two of them are just plain vile.