Tuesday, October 25, 2016

America’s Last Chance
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio bit.ly/2cpXuRd

"I am asking the American people to rise above the noise and the clutter of our broken politics, and to embrace that great faith and optimism that has always been the central ingredient in the American character. I am asking you to dream big."

And with those words, this past Saturday afternoon, channeling his inner Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that proved he was indeed qualified to hold the highest office in our land. Outlining in detail what he would do in his first 100 days in office, Trump did the one thing Hillary can never do…he offered ‘We the People’ the promise of a future and if some would listen to his words instead of buying into the media fodder they would realize his words actually do deprive Hillary Clinton of her want to bring America to her knees.

Rightly saying that true “Change has to come from outside this broken system. The fact that the Washington establishment has tried so hard to stop our campaign is only more proof that our campaign represents the kind of change that only arrives once in a lifetime,” Trump outlined his plans via what he called “pledges, policies and legislative measures” to create jobs, cut government regulations and corruption, restore law and order to America’s streets, and to secure our borders.

So what were ten of the many highlights of what Donald Trump called his ‘100-Day Action Plan to Make America Great Again’…in no particular order…

Number one, Donald Trump pledged to try and secure a much needed constitutional amendment to impose congressional term limits as in bye-bye self-serving career politicians (hope left out is a ‘Grandfather Clause’ in that). Number two, Trump called for a “hiring freeze on all federal employees” (not including the military, safety and public health workers of course) in order to help “reduce the federal workforce through attrition,” something akin to term limits that is long overdue. Number three, with his ‘Middle Class Tax Relief And Simplification Act’ (an act designed to grow the economy at 4% per year and create at least 25 million new jobs) Trump said that “for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated” which also will help to create even more new jobs especially with his “intention to totally renegotiate NAFTA” or withdraw from it completely under Article 2025. Number four, Trump called for the cancellation of all U.S. payments to all U.N. climate change programs (it’s the weather you U.N. dolts) and then “redeploy” those funds to help fix our aging infrastructure…Number five, and oh so critical, Trump pledged to start the process of "removing the more than two million criminal, illegal immigrants" something that goes without saying and to cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.

Taking a breath…Number six, Trump will lift the current  restrictions on energy production to cut our dependence on Arab oil (‘Drill Baby Drill’) and call for the Keystone Pipeline to immediately be built. Number seven, Trump will repeal and replace the nightmare called ObamaCare replacing it with ‘Health Savings Accounts,’ meaning the consumer would have the ability to purchase health insurance across state lines with states then managing Medicaid funds. Number eight, Trump will cancel every one of Obama’s unconstitutional executive actions, memorandums and orders and know there are many. Number nine, Trump would initiate what he calls the ‘Restoring National Security Act’ which would rebuild our military by eliminating the defense sequester and expand military investment as well as providing  our veterans with the choice of receiving public VA treatment or going to the private doctor of their own choice as well as setting in place tough new screening procedures for all immigration. And probably the most import of all is number ten, Donald Trump has pledged to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution not be what’s called ‘activist judges.’ 

And one can see by just these ten components of Trump’s ‘100 Days Contract’ the fact that both the Democrats and the Republicans in Congress have not served ‘We the People’ well over these past long eight years…meaning we are well overdue for a change but a change that is to ‘We the People’s’ benefit not to big governments nor to the bought and paid for ‘establishment’ types.

And in that no truer words could be spoken.

See Donald J.Trump outline his 'First 100 Days Contract' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxMjmVpLtqE

See his full pdf 'Contract with the American Voter' here: https://assets.donaldjtrump.com/CONTRACT_FOR_THE_VOTER.pdf 

But now I offer five suggestions to Donald Trump that I believe should be incorporated into his political discourse in the waning days of this campaign cycle…suggestions that just might put him over the top vote wise.

Let’s start with suggestion one: while Trump has successfully laid out his agenda with sound and workable polices, he needs to go even further in certain aspects…particularly aspects relating to the war we are fighting and the enemy we are facing. Simply, Trump knows well that this is not a war against ‘radical islam’ or even a war against ‘radical islamic terrorists’ per se, but is a war against the totality of islam. Trump needs to show himself as the American leader…as a strong Commander-in-Chief…who truly does recognize who the enemy is and who will not pussy-foot around even a semblance of political correctness when addressing said enemy. We need Donald Trump to come out and say the only way to obtain a lasting peace against these savages is to be the victor in the war against them...as in we need to fight that war to win…to fight that war like we mean it…for we and our military are the only ones who can rid the world of those not fit to walk upon the grounds of civilized men…and the politically correct, the kumbaya sorts, and the traitors on our side be damned.

Suggestion two: I strongly believe that Donald Trump needs to bring home the point to a certain group of folks ‘supposedly’ on our side…as in the conscience voters… who seem to be concerned…more like obsessed…with who 'hacked' into John Podesta's emails to focus instead on the content of what is in those leaked emails. Explaining why the effect should be more important than who was the cause…all Trump needs to say is that ‘We the People’ should have had long ago been given free access, under ‘public disclosure,’ to all those emails that did not undermine our nation’s security, but do to an overt F.B.I cover-up we did not.

Trump should also publicly thank WikiLeaks for providing a much needed service because if they did not do it ‘We the People’ would still be in the dark as to how low this vile woman has sunk to garner an office she just does not deserve. Oh and by the way, in no way do I believe it was the Russians who hacked Podesta’s emails, for I believe that there is either a 'mole' within the Clinton campaign or a Democrat who had an epiphany of sorts and came to their senses regarding the danger Hillary Clinton poses to our country. Either way, Trump needs to keep the emails front and center all the way up to November 8th.
Suggestion three: Donald Trump must delve deeper into and speak more frequently about Hillary’s ‘pay for play agenda’ upping the level a notch…especially when it concerns those operating domestically. By now we all know about the $250 million in Arab monies that Hillary truly needs to give back, but few know about the money ties that make her beholden to four of the biggest bankers on Wall Street. JPMorgan Chase has given her $990,398 to date...CitiGroup has given her $977,975 to date... Goldman Sachs has given her $936,445 to date...and Morgan Stanley has given her $920,134 to date...for a total of $3,824,952 in campaign contributions to date…monies given in return for favors, privileges, and dare I say bribe and hush money for any and all backroom deals that need to be made. He must expose all this until the clueless amongst our side finally get it and all the ramifications it implies.

Suggestion four: Trump needs to remind the voters… especially the Jewish voters…that Obama interfered with the Israeli election when the Department of State on his okay paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to OneVoice…an Israeli group that used the money…with Obama's knowledge…to build a campaign to try and oust Benjamin Netanyahu during the 2015 Israeli parliamentary elections. Trump needs to stress that there was NO public outrage then because the liberal anti-Israel media barely gave any coverage of it, yet now they are all aghast and calling 'foul' because they want us to believe foreign governments are trying to both influence and call our election. Nothing could be further from their hypocritical so-called truth…as it’s all media hype to deflect focus away from their own direct ties to Hillary’s campaign as witnessed by the recently released list of all those in the media… both in front and behind the camera…who contributed to Hillary in a ratio of 27 to 1 over Trump. This is but one example of outward media bias and Trump must keep hitting both this and their hypocrisy home.

Suggestion five: this I consider a must do if he does none of the others for this and this alone must be spoken of almost non-stop for the voters need to know that Hillary Clinton divulged for the whole world to hear the fact that the U.S. has only four minutes between the time the nuclear button is pushed and a window of opportunity to call it off. And while the media of course tries to cover for this with their saying this has been suspected for some time, there is a huge difference between being suspected and actually disclosing this most critical of all America's secrets and doing so on national television for all the world…for both friends and enemies…to hear. Proof positive of Hillary’s aiding and abetting America's enemies and America needs to be reminded of on a non-stop basis.

So while the media at best just gave cursory coverage to Donald Trump’s all-important Gettysburg speech, and while they continue to spout certain questionable polls that claim Hillary is now up by 12 points over Donald Trump...polls we know are absolutely NOT true...we have to remember two things...first, the media is indeed in Hillary's ‘bought and paid for pocket' and second, their doing so might actually aid Trump in winning the election as the Democrats might now stay home and not go to the polls thinking they have the election in the bag...another reason why we on the right must vote en-masse no matter what the media reports or the polls say.

Just something to consider while you also ponder Donald Trump’s well thought out agenda of hope that will serve ‘We the People’ and America well vs. Hillary’s sellout of America to the highest islamic bidder.


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  1. These pathetic Trump Cultists actually believe that a progressive-liberal dirtbag who slapped an R by his name will "save the country"… I've never seen such mindlessness and group-think, not even among liberals -- oops, they ARE liberals… They lack values, believe the "means justifies the end," and soberly claim that their brand of filth - because it has an R beside it - is superior… Yes, liberals - mindless and pathetic - FULL-BLOWN… That's Cult Trump.

    1. And you prefer a socialist, lying, islamic-condoning, murdering TRAITOR...smart real smart...NOT!