Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Treason AGAINST Trump: 900 US officials sign ‘dissent memo’ BLASTING ‘Muslim ban’

Fire them all. Ronald Reagan did it with the air traffic controllers. This massive purge of subversives and enemy operatives would be a gift to America.

Buh Bye.

It’s not a “Muslim ban.” That would mean all Muslims were banned from entering the US. This is a counter terrorist measure.

Trump’s executive order states that it is designed “to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States.” It adds: “The United States must be vigilant during the visa-issuance process to ensure that those approved for admission do not intend to harm Americans and that they have no ties to terrorism.”

Why didn’t these evil clowns protest Obama’s ban on Iraqi refugees or Carter’s ban on Iranians?

Many liberals in 1975 were part of a chorus of big name Democrats who refused to accept any Vietnamese refugees when millions were trying to escape South Vietnam as it fell to the communists. California’s Gov. Jerry Brown even attempted to prevent planes carrying Vietnamese refugees from landing at Travis Air Force Base outside San Francisco.

They are beyond transparent. This best embodies the left, it’s their way or anarchy.

Fire them. all.

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