Saturday, March 11, 2017

One of John Kerry’s closest confidantes now in charge of Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at the State Department
Another step in the wrong direction, a la the appointments of H. R. McMaster and Sebastian Gorka. President Trump has repeatedly vowed to stand with Israel. That means Obama/Kerry wonks such as Michael Ratney should not be appointed, and must go. Trump needs to right his ship and regain control from the RINOs.
“John Kerry apprentice to lead Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at State Department,” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, March 8, 2017:
One of John Kerry’s closest confidantes is now in charge of the Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at the State Department.
Mark Toner, the acting State Department spokesman and an Obama administration holdover, announced Wednesday that Michael Ratney, former U.S. consul to Jerusalem, will now take point on the Middle East conflict.
Martin Indyk — former U.S. ambassador to Israel who had been described as the Obama administration’s “anti-Israel apologist” — praised the appointment, tweeting that Ratney was a “valued member of Kerry’s peace team.”
Joel Braunold, the executive director of the Alliance for Middle East Peace (which is rife with anti-Israel membership), also gave approval for the appointmenControversy has been ubiquitous throughout Michael Ratney’s Israel-related career.

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