Monday, March 6, 2017

Report: Trump unhappy about Sessions’ recusal from Russia investigations
As I wrote two days ago at TGR: “Regarding Sessions, consider this from the New York Sun: ‘If I could have done so in good conscience, I would have been pleased to demonstrate my integrity, and immediately silence the criticism, by getting off the case. Since I believe there is no basis for recusal, I cannot. The motion is Denied.’ Those are the words with which President Trump’s ideal Supreme Court justice — Antonin Scalia — refused to recuse himself from a case involving his duck-hunting pal, Vice President Cheney. He was reacting to a recusal motion from the Sierra Club, and he made short work of it in a magnificent opinion that begs for study in the wake of the recusal today by Attorney General Sessions in the investigation in respect of Russia.”

I also wrote: “Where is the Trump of the campaign trail? All tough and full of bluster. Why does he keep caving so quick?” The fact that he was angry about Sessions’ recusal is a good sign: he isn’t willing to back down and cave to the Democrats’ witch-hunt. Now he has to keep this kind of thing from happening again.

“Trump reportedly unhappy about Sessions’ recusal from Russia investigations,” Fox News, March 5, 2017:

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