Friday, June 9, 2017

Build It Now: Two BRILLIANT Ideas to Pay for the Border Wall

Of course, why are these schemes necessary in the first place? Because the Republican-controlled Congress doesn’t have the political appetite to actually pony up the money. They don’t have the will to put Democrats on the defensive and FORCE them to vote for funding. They don’t believe there’s enough American support for the wall to make it politically feasible, even though President Trump walloped every other Republican in the primaries on his way to decisively winning the election. These idiots apparently think people pulled the lever for Trump despite actually opposing his signature promise…

The best plan we’ve heard so far is the one where we either tax or confiscate the remittances of illegal immigrants. That would, essentially, be the true fulfillment of Trump’s promise to build the wall “and make Mexico pay for it.” But again, such a scheme takes political will on the part of the GOP, and Republicans have proven time and again that they’re all talk, no action when it comes to illegal immigration.

Thankfully, in the meantime, Trump and ICE are doing everything possible to slow the flow of immigrants across the border and send back the ones who are already here. The president knows that if we wait for Congress to do something…well, just look at the last thirty years to see what will happen.

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