Thursday, June 29, 2017

Iran Erects Flag on Israel’s Border: ‘We’re Coming’
More of the poisonous fruit of President Obama’s nuclear pact with the genocidal Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran Erects Flag on Israel’s Border: ‘We’re Coming’


Israel’s enemies couldn’t be clearer about their intentions, yet the world turns a blind eye.

Hannah Mayer, Truth Revolt, June 28, 2017:

t is astounding that no matter how often or how clearly Israel’s enemies declare their nefarious intentions to destroy the Jewish State, the international community turns a blind eye.

With Iranian influence growing exponentially in Lebanon, The JPost’s Seth Frantzman took to the border to report on the current, hostile climate:

Lebanon seems to be having a flag sale. Iranian flags, Hezbollah, the UN, Spain, Palestinian flags. They are all flying provocatively along the border with the northern Israeli community of Metulla. Just meters from the fence that separates the countries, not far from the site of a 1985 terror attack, Hezbollah has festooned the roads with signs of its presence. It’s purposely done so Israeli residents can see the flags and the billboards next to them. In Metulla there is a memorial for the 12 Israeli soldiers killed in the 1985 suicide bombing, while just across the border a huge billboard celebrates the same killing.

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