Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The annual Ramadan ‘Iftar’ dinner for Muslims at the White House isn’t the only thing the Trump Administration has axed

by BareNakedIslam

Administration officials also have eliminated plans to use millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund Islamic organizations and alleged Muslim charities allied with former President Barack Obama, including anti-American Muslim individuals like sharia-proponent Linda Sarsour. Also eliminated are Muslim government employees from the Obama team who were linked to these nefarious Islamic organizations.

Breitbart (h/t Emma)  The turnaround was made public on Friday when the Department of Homeland Security announced a revised list of the organizations which are getting DHS funds to help prevent young Muslims from becoming jihadis. The new list replaced an Obama list announced January 13, 2017, and it dropped a $800,000 grant for an Islamic seminary in Los Angeles, and a $393,000 grant for a linked organization, the Muslim Public Affairs Council Foundation.


Read entire article here: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2017/06/27/the-annual-ramadan-iftar-dinner-for-muslims-at-the-white-house-isnt-the-only-thing-the-trump-administration-has-axed/


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