Saturday, July 1, 2017

John Bolton Warns U.S. Lacks Missile Power to Fight Off North Korea
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton issued a dire warning about America’s military might, suggesting during a televised interview the President Donald Trump administration might want to beef up missile defense.

Should North Korea strike, America may not be able to fully fend off attack, Bolton said.

“The argument is that North Korea is very close to having the capability of dropping nuclear warheads on the Unite States via ballistic missile,” he said, to Fox Business Network.

That’s in part, thanks to Barack Obama, and this prior administration’s team of merry diplomats who would talk a soft talk and carry a cupcake.

As such, if North Korea struck Los Angeles with a nuclear warhead, Bolton said it wasn’t entirely evident that America could protect itself and retaliante with “adequate missile defense” moves.

Bolton went on: “If we had an effective national missile defense program I’d be confident we could [retaliate] but after eight years of the Obama administration funding of what the Bush administration had started was gutted basically.”

He also said in a penned piece for the Wall Street Journal, reprinted at the Gatestone Institute, that America needs a post-ISIS stragegy — and pronto.

Bolton wrote:

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