Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Total Disaster: A Guide to How Bad the Democratic Party Is Right NowFor years, the media and the Democrats made the claim that the GOP is in a state of civil war. The Tea Party wing vs. the establishment is going to eat the party alive etc., well, that turned out to be overblown. Yes, those divisions remain, at times—they’ve led to nasty policy fights. But in the end—the GOP has been able to win back Congress and the presidency. They’ve dominated the state and local power bases as well. In all, 69/99 state legislatures are under GOP control, as are two-thirds of all the governorships. Along, with the presidency and Congress, the Republican Party is the dominant political force in the country.

For the Democrats, they’re a bi-coastal party. Regional and withdrawn to their urban strongholds, the party has to decide what to do. There is one school of thought says win back Trump voters, millions of whom had voted for Barack Obama in 2012. The other way is to maximize on the diverse coalition of the party (i.e. nonwhite voters). As you could probably guess, it’s the position taken by the respective progressive and establishment wings of the Democratic Party. You can’t win back Congress with just the cities. To make that effort easier, it’s best to win back state legislatures, which ink the congressional maps. That requires retaking parts of rural America, which the progressive wing is not taking too kindly too. Right now, the Democratic Party seems to be inching closer to all-out civil war. Local skirmishes have already erupted in California, which could spill out onto the national stage.

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