Saturday, March 3, 2018

Twitter CEO asks for help on how to make the platform less toxic
Twitter is indeed a highly toxic environment, with people behaving with breathtaking viciousness, often egged on by their peers. But this is virtually always among leftists, who clearly feel justified in spewing the most vile hatred and working to destroy the lives of those they hate, all because they believe they are more righteous than their targets. And Twitter seldom, if ever, cracks down on those hate-filled leftists. Instead, it constantly targets and deletes the accounts of vocal and outspoken conservatives, or shadowbans them so that only their followers can see what they say. If Jack Dorsey really wants to make Twitter less toxic, he should start enforcing its rules fairly across the board, and stop allowing Twitter to be a fair platform for the left only. But will he do that? Almost certainly not.

“Twitter’s asking for help on how to be less toxic,” by Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post, March 1, 2018:

Twitter on Thursday announced plans to take a more critical look at its dark side and asked for outside help to develop ways that it can elevate the tone of online conversation.

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