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Developing now, Wednesday, May 2, 2018
  • President Trump could be subpoenaed if he refuses to talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team, Mueller warned, a former Trump lawyer told the Associated Press
  • The Obama-era DACA program may be in jeopardy after Texas and six other states sue the federal government to end it
  • U.N. General Assembly members voted with the U.S. only 31 percent of the time last year, State Department says; U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley called the findings an unacceptable return on U.S. investment
  • West Virginia GOP Senate candidates battled over their conservative credentials and support for President Trump in a debate Tuesday hosted by Fox News
  • NBC News is reportedly under fire for allegedly victim-shaming and pressuring women to support Tom Brokaw amid sexual misconduct allegations against the legendary news anchor
THE LEAD STORY - A POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL SUBPOENA: Special counsel Robert Mueller told President Trump's legal team that he could subpoena the president to appear before a grand jury if Trump refuses an interview with Mueller's team, Trump's former lead attorney told the Associated Press ... John Dowd told the AP that Mueller raised the possibility of a subpoena during a meeting with Trump's legal team in March. According to accounts of the meeting first reported by the Washington Post and confirmed by Fox News, Dowd retorted: "This isn’t some game. You are screwing with the work of the president of the United States."
The meeting appears to have been the first time Mueller raised the possibility of compelling Trump to testify as part of his investigation into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials ahead of the 2016 election. The Post report came one day after Fox News, the New York Times and other outlets obtained a list of questions that Trump's legal team believes Mueller wishes to ask him.
'UNLAWFUL' DACA: Texas and six other states have filed a lawsuit against the federal government seeking to end the Obama-era program that protects hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children ... The Trump administration has sought to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but the effort to phase it out has been blocked. About 800,000 youth, called Dreamers, are protected under the program’s umbrella. The lawsuit asks for all DACA permits to be rescinded or the administration to be blocked from issuing or renewing new requests. Specifically, it is meant to challenge "whether the 2012 executive action unilaterally creating DACA was itself lawful," the suit states.
NIKKI HALEY'S 'TAKING NAMES': When Nikki Haley started as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, she warned she'd be “taking names” of countries that do not have “our back.” Now, a newly released annual State Department report on voting records at the world body will tell her who exactly is in America’s corner – and who is not ... The report found that U.N. member states only voted with the United States 31 percent of the time last year on resolutions at the U.N. General Assembly – down 10 percent from the prior year. Reacting to the report, Haley said in a statement that it was not an “acceptable return” on the United States’ investment and suggested this could factor into aid decisions.
BATTLE FOR WEST VIRGINIA BEGINS: U.S. Rep. Evan Jenkins, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and former coal executive Don Blankenship, the top-tier candidates in West Virginia’s Republican U.S. Senate primary, sparred in Tuesday’s Fox News Channel debate over who is most conservative and more closely aligned to President Trump, while blasting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe ... Jenkins denied being a creature of the swamp, despite enjoying the backing from Washington Republicans. He emphasized his support for Trump. Jenkins attacked Morrisey for past comments where he said Trump wasn’t his first choice in the 2016 primary. But Morrisey boasted of his eventual backing of Trump at the convention and his opposition to former President Barack Obama.
Meanwhile, Blankenship portrayed himself as the true outsider in the race, saying he wouldn’t go to Washington to get along with GOP leadership, like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The U.S. Senate race in West Virginia is considered a toss-up in the midterm elections. Republicans hope to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin.
PEACOCK SHIELD FOR BROKAW: NBC News is facing accusations of victim-shaming and intimidation as it scrambles to protect its legendary anchor Tom Brokaw, who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by three women ... On Tuesday, Variety reported that NBC News’ powerful standards and practices department, which sets editorial guidelines, mandated that any reports on the Brokaw accusations include that more than 100 current and former NBC News women had signed a letter of support for the embattled newsman. The New York Post reported Monday night that many women at NBC News had felt intimidated into signing the letter. All this comes after Brokaw shamed his first accuser, former NBC correspondent and former Fox News anchor Linda Vester, in a scathing email which called Vester an embittered liar resentful that she did not become a star at NBC News.

POCAHONTAS DESCENDANT CHALLENGES WARREN:  "I respect Senator Warren as a U.S. senator... but I just wish she'd take the DNA test."  – Debbie White Dove Porreco, a descendant of the 17th century Powhatan princess Pocahontas, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to take genealogy test because it would "end a lot of this controversy" over whether Warren is indeed part Cherokee. WATCH
DISSECTING THE MUELLER PROBE: "You investigate a crime and you find people. You don't find people and then go find a crime."  –  Dan Bongino, on "Hannity," questioning whether Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Trump is being carried out incorrectly. WATCH
Colorado bodybuilder punches man who groped her on the street.
Veterinarian accused of stashing heroin in pups' bellies is extradited to U.S.

100-year-old flag made for U.S. soldiers who died during World War I returns to Scottish island.
Man trying to interview every remaining World War II veteran.
Budweiser releases new beer based on George Washington's handwritten recipe.

Nancy Pelosi bucks Dems' calls to step aside, says party will retake control.
Feds could be coming for California's over-budget bullet train.
Embattled Missouri Gov. Greitens sends National Guard troops to Mexico border.

Florida officials challenge release of more Parkland school shooting surveillance video.
Coroner releases official Stephon Clark autopsy.
Hunt on for paroled sex offender who fled with children in motor home.

Fed likely to keep rates steady; investors bet on June hike | Stocks mixed
United Airlines revamps its pet travel policies.
Gibson files for bankruptcy.
Tesla Model 3 production, cash burn in earnings spotlight | Shareholders to vote on ousting Elon Musk as chair

Marc Thiessen: The culture of death is on the march across Europe. Soon it will be here, too.
Harry J. Kazianis: The Iran deal is likely doomed -- and that's good news for the U.S. and Israel.
Michael Levin: Where does nonsense of cultural appropriation end?

Kanye West says 400 years of slavery was a choice for African-Americans | Kanye calls out Obama
Yale rescinds honorary degree it awarded Bill Cosby.
Johnny Depp sued by security guards for unpaid wages, hazardous conditions.

U.S. to return thousands of artifacts seized from Hobby Lobby to Iraq.
A 'Toy Story'-themed plane is here to take Pixar fans to infinity and beyond.
Live tiger left inside duffel bag by smugglers trying to cross Rio Grande into US, officials say.

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Varney & Co., 9 a.m. ET: Rep. Claudia Tenney; "Capt." Rob Steinberg, "Gamer World News" host; Rep. Jim Renacci; Brian Maryott, mayor of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., and congressional candidate.
The Intelligence Report, 2 p.m. ET: Robert Wolf, former president and chief operating officer of UBS Investment Bank; Gary Kaltbaum, investment adviser and author; Mark Luschini, chief investment strategist; Gen. Jack Keane.

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The Fox News Rundown podcastSpecial Counsel Robert Mueller has a list of dozens of questions he'd like to ask President Trump in his Russian investigation. Judge Andrew Napolitano explains why he believes the president shouldn't say a word. Trump says he wants a better version of the Iran nuclear deal. Jason Chaffetz discusses whether that’s possible.

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2011: Usama bin Laden is killed by elite American forces at his Pakistan compound, then quickly buried at sea after a decade on the run for the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
1994:  Nelson Mandela claims victory in the wake of South Africa's first democratic elections; President F.W. de Klerk acknowledges defeat.
1982: The Weather Channel makes its debut.
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