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Developing now, Wednesday, June 27, 2018
  • Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok will voluntarily testify before House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors Wednesday
  • Trump-backed candidates score major victories Tuesday as frequent critic Mitt Romney won his GOP Senate primary runoff in Utah and Gov. Henry McMaster was projected to win the Republican gubernatorial runoff election in South Carolina
  • Top House Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley was upset in New York's primary by political newcomer - and socialist - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  • A federal judge orders U.S. Border Patrol authorities to stop separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border and to reunite already-separated relatives within 30 days
  • The Supreme Court's decision on President Trump’s controversial travel ban was a 'tremendous victory for the American people,' the president says
THE LEAD STORY – GRILLING FOR STRZOK: Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation after sending several anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 presidential election, will voluntarily appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday ... Reports emerged over the weekend that Strzok was willing to testify before Congress without an immunity deal, and that he would not invoke his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. Despite his purported willingness, the agent was subpoenaed Sunday to appear on Capitol Hill at 10 a.m. Wednesday because he would not agree to a specific date. However, the subpoena was no longer valid because Strzok voluntarily agree to appear for a closed-door interview, Fox News learned.
Sources on the Hill told Fox News that the force of a subpoena was not necessary and that the committee plans to bring Strzok back in the near future for public testimony, something President Trump said was necessary.
'BIG NIGHT' FOR TRUMP BUMPS: Mitt Romney was projected to win his primary runoff in the Utah race to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch, part of a string of victories Tuesday by Trump-backed candidates  ... In all, seven states held primaries or runoffs across the country, with the Utah contest among the highest-profile. As his victories piled up, the president weighed in on Twitter, calling Tuesday a "big night." Romney, who lambasted Trump as a "fraud" and a "con man" in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, has softened his tone substantially since then. Trump endorsed Romney in the Utah race back in February.
Voters also headed to the polls in New York, Maryland, Colorado, Mississippi, Oklahoma and South Carolina. Buoyed by a risky, full-throated endorsement by President Trump, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster was projected to win Tuesday's Republican gubernatorial runoff election. In New York, another Trump-backed candidate, Rep. Dan Donovan, prevailed over the comeback candidacy of Michael Grimm, who had been convicted for tax fraud, once threated to throw a reporter off a balcony, and was considered a liability for Republicans.
HOUSE SHOCKER FOR DEMS: U.S. Rep. Joe Crowley, a fervent Trump foe and chairman of the House Democratic Caucus who was thought by some to be a future Speaker of the House, suffered a shocking primary defeat in New York's 14th House District to a socialist political novice, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ... Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter who has called for the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), had gained the endorsement of several left-wing groups, including MoveOn and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). In a statement, Crowley congratulated Ocasio-Cortez on her victory and said he looked forward to supporting her against Republican Anthony Pappas in November.
The National Republican Campaign Committee celebrated the defeat of "poor Joe Crowley." "House Democrats, hoping for a post-Pelosi era, are now left leaderless," NRCC spokesman Matt Gorman said. "The only person happier tonight than Nancy Pelosi is the NRCC."
END FAMILY SEPARATIONS, JUDGE RULES: A federal judge in California on Tuesday ordered the U.S. Border Patrol to stop separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border and to reunite families already separated within 30 days ... Any children younger than 5 must be reunited within 14 days of Tuesday's ruling, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw in San Diego ruled. Sabraw, an appointee of President George W. Bush, also required the government to provide phone contact between parents and their children within 10 days. Amid an international outcry, President Trump last week issued an executive order to stop the separation of families and said parents and children will instead be detained together.
TRUMP'S 'PROFOUND VINDICATION': President Trump cheered the Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to uphold the administration’s controversial travel ban affecting several mostly Muslim countries, following the ruling on one of the hardest-fought legal battles of his term ... “SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS TRUMP TRAVEL BAN. Wow!” Trump tweeted minutes after the court’s decision was made public. The 5-4 ruling marks the first major high court decision on a Trump administration policy. The decision upholds the selective travel restrictions, which critics called a discriminatory “Muslim ban” but the administration argued were needed for security reasons.
At issue was whether the third and latest version of the administration’s policy affecting visitors from five Muslim majority nations—known as travel ban 3.0—discriminates on the basis of nationality and religion in issuing immigrant visas. Chief Justice John Roberts, who authored the conservative majority opinion, wrote that the order was “squarely within the scope of Presidential authority” under federal law.

A CALL FOR CIVILITY: "As progressives become more authoritarian, they seem more convinced than ever that they're fighting actual Nazis, rather than fellow Americans with relatively mild political differences. The more they accuse the administration of extremism, the more extreme they become. Once you decide that the people you disagree with are Nazis, everything's allowed. Why wouldn't you threaten them in restaurants? Or burn their houses down? This could end in tragedy." – Tucker Carlson, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight," saying the Left is showing that it no longer believes its political foes have the same Constitutional rights. WATCH
BLAME TRUMP: "I think we've got to start getting to some higher ground here. The president has not embodied civility at all. ... This has started under his watch and unfortunately it’s gotten to this point." – Rep. Tim Ryan, D- Ohio, on "FOX & Friends," pointing out that while he disapproved of the recent anti-Trump rhetoric by Rep. Maxine Waters, President Trump has long set the tone for incivility. WATCH

Red Hen owner resigns from Virginia business group after booting Sarah Sanders from restaurant.
Amazon should buy CBS to challenge Netflix, analyst says.
Chicago bar apologizes for 'MAGA' hats, face tattoos ban, says 'everyone is welcome.'
‘Naked hermit’ who lived on secluded island for nearly three decades forced back to civilization.

Maxine Waters yells at reporters amid scrutiny over harassment call: 'Get out of here!'
Reality Winner, former NSA contractor accused of leaking documents, pleads guilty.
Elaine Chao tells protesters to 'leave alone' husband Mitch McConnell when confronted on immigration.

President Trump presents Medal of Honor to widow of World War II veteran Garlin Murl Conner.
Wounded eagle rescued by Oregon State Police, transported in cruiser as 'back seat driver.'
Deaths, dumping of nearly 100 baby hammerhead sharks being investigated in Hawaii.

Why the U.S. would win a trade war with China.
Stocks edge higher, shaking off trade threats.
Home sales: Americans made the largest profits in these cities.
Ex-Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz: Climate change threatens coffee industry.
Why health care sharing ministry memberships now top 1 million.

Lauren Green: The Red Hen, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Golden Rule.

Karol Markowicz: Do we have to erase the name of Laura Ingalls Wilder to 'fix' history? And who will be next?

Brit Hume: Maxine Waters needs to keep a civil tongue and so do we all.

Jerry Seinfeld wants ABC to replace Roseanne in 'The Conners': 'I hate to see a comic lose a job.'
History to air a tribute special to late 'Pawn Stars' figure Richard 'Old Man' Harrison.
Tommy Lee calls out Howard Stern for blaming him for ex Heather Locklear's 'recent troubles.'

Extremely rare Declaration of Independence print goes on display.
UFO? Bizarre 'roll cloud' in Tennessee stuns residents.
The coldest place on Earth is even colder than scientists thought.

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1991: Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first black jurist to sit on the high court, announces his retirement. (His departure would lead to the controversial nomination of Clarence Thomas.)
1985: The legendary Route 66, which originally stretched from Chicago to Santa Monica, Calif., passes into history as officials decertify the road.
1922: The first Newberry Medal, which recognizes excellence in children's literature, is awarded to "The Story of Mankind," by Hendrik Willem van Loon.
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