Friday, July 13, 2018

Trump’s ‘America First’ Economy Secures 10-Year Employment High For Manufacturing Workers

President Donald Trump’s economic policies are leaving a sweet taste in workers’ mouths, as manucturing employment hit a 10-year high just recently.

In June, the Trump Effect kicked in with an extra 36,000 manufacturing jobs.

This is due directly to this White House’s tax reform that gives corporations some breathing room to operate and hire.

Meanwhile, the left continues to denigrate Trump and pretend as if the hard-working citizens of America can’t find good paying jobs.

From Breitbart:

More American manufacturing workers are employed today than at any time in the last ten years as President Trump’s ‘America First’ economy seeks to protect U.S. industry and jobs with tariffs, less immigration, and tax relief.

Read entire aericle and see video here:

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