Monday, September 10, 2018

Disgusting: TV Producer Takes Aim At Kavanuagh's Two Young Daughters

Disgusting: TV Producer Takes Aim At Kavanuagh's Two Young Daughters If there's one thing America has learned during Brett Kavanaugh's Senate confirmation hearings it's that politics is an ugly, ugly game. And the worst part? Politicians' kids aren't exempt from being the scapegoat.

A couple days ago, television producer and screen writer Randi Mayem Singer, best known for "Mrs. Doubtfire," took to Twitter to make it known that she opposes Kavanaugh and his position on a number of issues.

Out of all of the stupid tweets she sent out, the worst one was her first in the series. She's hoping Kavanaugh's daughters don't get shot at school, something that's a clear jab at the judge's pro-gun stance.
Making a "joke" about school shootings, in general, isn't funny. It's vile. And I'm sure every parent who has had to bury their child as a result of a school shooting would agree.
Let's be honest: his daughters, along with their entire generation, definitely won't see Social Security and they may not see Medicare either. The number of people who are taking out of the system (Baby Boomers) verses those who are putting into the system (Generation X and Millennials) makes it unsustainable. That's not Kavanaugh's fault. That's not conservatives' fault. If anything, that's the Democrats' fault. Helloooo! FDR implemented, Social Security, after all.
"Reproductive rights?" More like the ability to murder innocent babies. That's not a "right" that we, as a society, should be okay.

Anyone who is willing to make these kind of comments about young kids who didn't choose to be in the spotlight should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. These girls didn't decide to be in the public spotlight. They didn't choose what family they were born into, what their parents did for a living or for their lives to be on public display.

If people have issues with Kavanaugh's positions or rulings, fine. So be it. But do us all a favor and stick to the merits and leave his kids out of it. They didn't ask for this and they don't deserve to be bullied by blue checkmark idiots who they'll never meet.

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