Thursday, September 6, 2018

Kavanaugh protesters being paid to cause trouble

Multiple witnesses reporting cash exchanges


(courtesy Pixabay)Probably it’s one of the stranger twists of the fundamental options of free enterprise:

If you have the agenda of lashing out against and trying to destroy a qualified Supreme Court nominee because he’s conservative and nominated by President Trump, but don’t want to get involved personally, it’s easy – just hire someone to do it.

So suggest multiple reports from those who have witnessed, amid the outlandish shrieking and screaming at the Senate hearing for nominee Brett Kavanaugh, payoffs.

Officials at Liberty Counsel reported Wednesday that its officials are working with Faith & Action to bring daily Facebook Live updates on the hearings to the public.

“Peggy Nienaber with Faith & Action has personally witnessed protesters getting paid $50 to disrupt the hearing. They also receive free breakfast, lunch and bail money. She has personally confirmed the reports of protesters getting paid to disrupt the hearing,” the organization said.

The organization noted the “chaos, hecklers, and interruptions” in the Senate hearing.

“Sen. Chuck Grassley could barely start the hearing by saying ‘Good Morning’ before Democratic senators started interrupting him. In the first 40 minutes, there were 44 total interruptions,” Liberty Counsel reported.

“Approximately 70 people were arrested yesterday. Sixty-one were removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee room and charged with disorderly conduct, and nine removed from the second floor of the Dirksen Senate Office Building and charged with crowding, obstruction, or incommoding. In fact, the atmosphere became so offensive that Ashley Kavanaugh, the judge’s wife, was forced to quickly escort her visibly upset young daughters from the hearing room. Judge Kavanaugh’s parents were also visibly upset by the vulgar shouts of the protesters.”

The organization reported how abortion activists “wearing red robes and white bonnets from “The Handmaid’s Tale” lined the balconies in the Hart Senate Office Building as the hearing began.”
Claiming credit were groups called Demand Justice as well as the Women’s March.

“The disrespect and disruption of this confirmation process is unprecedented, uncivil, and mean-spirited. It is ashamed that the Senate committee room has become so filled with vile that Judge Kavanaugh is not able to have his children attend the hearing. We need to pray for Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and this entire confirmation process,” said Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver.

Also reporting the payments was Andrew West at

“In some of the darker corners of society, it has been known for some time that protesters around the nation are often simply in it for the money,” he reported.

“This does sound a bit farfetched at times. After all, we are supposed to believe that those who traipse down Main Street USA in their ‘pink pussy’ hats are doing so only because of their own strong, personal convictions. Unfortunately, this is simply not the truth, and internet conspiracy theorists have been piling up the evidence for this charade over the course of the last decade.”

Evidence has emerged, the report said, that one protester “may have been coerced into her activism with cold, hard cash.”

“Three doctors said they personally witnessed protesters being paid off before the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, which was disrupted by unruly demonstrators,” the report said. “Activist Adam Schindler interviewed three doctors from Texas who suggested that the entire protest was far from organic.”

“One thing was there were people who had come along… who had a bag of money, and people would hand them a piece of paper, and then they would give them money. So we know money was exchanged for some of the people to be here, just to protest,” said Dr. Tom Schlueter.

Added Dr. Morton Purvis, “The most telling thing was listening to them giving names and addresses, so when they were arrested, they were keeping a record and celebrating who got arrested, without any regard for any open discussion or even the possibility of being convinced of anything, it was just for the purpose of disruption and to have some kind of disruption of the process.”

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