Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Politics and the Creation of a Third Sex 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Gender is a spectrum for many folks. It’s not a fixed thing.”
 - New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson who introduced and pushed for "gender X"

America's northeast and west coasts have totally lost all vestiges of sanity and it goes way beyond their leftist politics. Now trying to change the tangible realities of biology itself by aligning with similar legislation in California, Washington, New Jersey, and of all places Germany, New York City just this past Wednesday saw their City Council, in a 41-6 vote, pass legislation to officially recognize certain of the city's resident's as “nonbinary identity” citizens.

And of course this inane legislation has the backing of uber-leftist Mayor Bill DeBlasio and was actually signed off on by the city’s board of health.

So what exactly is a “nonbinary identity” citizen? Simply, it means that New York City will give adult residents... residents who in their warped minds alone do not identify as either male or female...the chance to choose a third gender...the now-called “nonbinary option” referred to as “gender X”...to replace the existent birth gender on their official government birth certificates. And this legislation, which will go into affect this upcoming January 1st, also allows transgender residents to change the gender on their birth certificates from female to male or male to female as the case may be, and to do so without a doctor’s written statement or an affidavit by a licensed health care provider. And why...in order to supposedly reflect who they are now not who they were at birth.

And if that's not enough for you to say “what they hey,” the “X” option can also be used by parents with “intersex children”...hermaphrodites they used to be called until it became politically incorrect to do so...as in children born with both male and female external and/or internal sexual characteristics...a chromosomal and genetic condition that accounts for but 0.5% of the population no matter some claims that the number is much higher.

But except for true hermaphrodites...oops...I should say “intersex children”...the reality is that while you can alter or even eliminate your outside “package”...and you can even butcher your innards into trying to fool yourself and others that you are someone that in reality you are not... the fact remains that no matter how much you cut, chop off, rebuild, align, dress, or even just live life as the sex opposite to that which you were born...you cannot change your genetic or chromosomal code. One born male remains genetically male...one born female remains genetically female no matter how many surgeries one has...no matter how many hormones one takes...no matter how one tries to convince oneself otherwise.

In simpler terms...there are and will remain two sexes...male and female. And even “intersex children” have more critical sexual characteristics of one sex than the other.

So what exactly did Mayor DeBlasio say about his city totally going off the deep end...a city that already allows parents of clearly sexed newborns to leave four little asterisks as a “placeholder” on their children's birth certificates until they feel said children are old enough to choose a sex for themselves...insanity and nothing else. In a recently released statement DeBlasio stated that this bill would "allow transgender and gender nonconforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve." Oh really...this bill has nothing to with dignity nor respect for dignity and respect must be earned not mandated...meaning this “gender X” nonsense, as usual, has everything to do with the Democrats trying to garner more votes as the midterm elections draw near.

Then there's New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett, who in trying to justify this nonsense via the using of faux science stated that, "We know that being able to live your authentic gender and gender expression is critical to physical and mental health.” Adding that because of the many “bureaucratic roadblocks and prohibitive costs” of changing one's gender being a “long fraught arena for trans and gender non-conforming individuals,” it has negatively affected their mental health, their access to health care, and to public services. "Now more than ever, we must ensure that all people can live their best and healthiest lives," so Dr. Bassett said.

But in regards to transgender individuals especially, how mentally healthy is it to so radically change one's physical identity when it can simply be about refusing to admit that one is actually gay or bi-sexual...not very healthy I would think. Take transgender Bruce Jenner for example...a man who became Caitlin...a woman (sort of)...but who freely admits that at times even Caitlin is attracted to woman. Of course he not she is, for Bruce Jenner is still now and forever genetically programmed as male no matter what he now calls himself. Wouldn't it have been better to simply admit to himself and have the public accept that he was bi-sexual than having to resort to such a drastic action as butchering himself...I would certainly think so. 
But maybe a part in creating this current transgender/gender nonconformist birth certificate brouhaha, is partly society's fault for not accepting people like Bruce now Caitlin Jenner for who they are...simply just another minority...an extremely small minority...within American society's collective whole and nothing more. And contrary to the “holier than thous” who say all this what they call “deviant behavior” goes against God's law that homosexuality is a sin, still erroneously claim that those living under the umbrella of gayness is but a lifestyle choice. And isn't the issue of gayness what “gender X” is really all about...I believe it is. But those fearful anti-gay folks need to know and accept as fact that sexuality is determined during fetal development as proven by tangible scientific fact...it is not now nor will it ever be a choice.

Simply stated, genetic-endocrine “forces”...as in a series of changes and combinations of androgens released or not released prenatally at very specific times during fetal development...is what determines all person’s sexual orientation and no amount of baseless homophobia, public mockery, religious browbeating, or even a skilled surgeon's knife can change a person's genetic code.

And that is what makes this entire birth certificate issue such a farce for when the “package” is metaphorically unwrapped one is as they were born no matter what is cut off or added to. And really, why should such a small sub-sect of the population be given such preferential treatment as to deem themselves a whole new gender...aren't we all supposed to be equal under the eyes of the law...as per the Constitution we supposedly are.

So if we are equal under the eyes of the law doesn't that equate to New York City's new “gender X” birth certificate law being illegal for allowing just a hand-picked few the ability to change their birth certificates while not allowing the collective whole to do so. I certainly would think so especially when it's examined constitutionally. And that's in addition to what NYC Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens), who voted against the bill, says will open the door to “abuse” and other “public safety issues.”
How so? As per Councilman Holden, “Just having anyone – without going through a doctor – say they’re another gender or X; that could lead to abuse and all sorts of problems.” And Holden added that, “We need more oversight,” for “How does ‘X’ describe a person? Don’t we have to have some standards and order?”
No, New York City does not nor can it for there are but two sexes...male and female...no matter who one chooses to live as or who one chooses to love.

And City Council Speaker Corey Johnson saying that the “gender X” legislation is, “one of the things I’m most proud of” and that, “This groundbreaking legislation will make New York City birth certificates more inclusive for all and will send a powerful signal to the world that New York City government works for everyone,” shows just how clueless yet conniving he is for all it shows is how far desperate Democrats will go to garner even the fringe vote.
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