Saturday, August 24, 2019

South Korea Strikes Free Trade Agreement with Israel
More humiliation for the boycott-the-Jews movement (BDS). What must Tlaib and Omar be thinking when the BDS Movement suffers such a defeat, and other such defeats which are happening daily. The economic ties between Israel and South Korea will now reach even greater heights in the future. This is Israel’s first FTA with an Asian country, and will surely not be the last. Israel will sign such agreements with China, Japan, India and Vietnam in the future.

China in particular desires Israeli technology badly, and will pay handsomely for it. The Trump administration has been trying to limit China’s growing economic ties with Israel. President Trump understands the immense value of the U.S-Israel relationship, and is not about to allow China to jeopardize it. However, look for the Chinese (who are no fools) to try and seize upon the Democrat Party going full on Nazi against the Jewish state.

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