Friday, January 24, 2020

A French prosecutor is investigating a 16 yr old girl for “hate speech” after she said “Islam is a religion of hate”

A 16-year-old high school student received death and rape threats after she posted a video in which she made insulting remarks about Islam. She filed a complaint. Mila is also under investigation for “inciting racial hatred”.

Mila is a 16-year-old teenager from Isère, France. She has been threatened with death and rape from young Muslims on social media after she posted a video in which she describes Islam as a “religion of hatred.” She filed a complaint and the Vienna (a French town) public prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation.

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  1. Europe is almost dead because it allowed in non-white and muslim people. I visit other sites that spell this out quite clearly. The Jewish community in New York claims they are being attacked, but fail to mention the COLOR of their attackers! They have NOTHING to worry from "conservatives", but had better fear the other side. If I had my preference, I would deport the black and muslim interlopers. They have no business making our Western Civilization a sewer like the places they left. I tire of reading about the Pakistani slime in England grooming young English girls for sex. I haven't read your stuff lately, but I would bet you would say you would cut their balls off. I think your co-host would gasp, but unless you changed, you don't really mince words. Therefore I don't mince words with you as well.