Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Trayvon Martin case should NOT be about race
By: Diane Sori

Here’s something that‘s sure to raise a few eyebrows but it’s what a lot of people are thinking besides myself...George Zimmerman is deliberately being used to ignite Obama’s BEFORE the election, hoped for race war AND so is Trayvon Martin!  While I know this will indeed inflame some, no pun intended, I want people to seriously think through the entire incident but to take the race of the two people involved completely out of the picture.  Once that’s done, I think an entirely different picture will emerge as to who did what and why they did it.

For starters, no one wishes a young man to have lost his one.  That is truly sad and something that both Trayvon Martin’s family AND George Zimmerman will have to live with for the rest of their lives.  But let’s NOT fall into the media hype that this young man was a saint because he wasn’t.  And the photos posted all over by the media were that of Trayvon Martin as a child NOT the current 17 year old strapping young man who was over six feet tall and built like a brick house.  Remember also that Trayvon had recently been suspended from school for being in possession of marijuana and that could be at the crux of this entire unfortunate event.

Recently, a rash of robberies had been taking place in the gated townhouse community where the incident occurred, and where George Zimmerman lived and patrolled as part of his neighborhood Crime Watch team.  It was known to the community’s residents, but hushed up by the media, that the perpetrator in these robberies gained access to the homes by prying windows open with a screwdriver.  The items that were stolen from the homes were all items that could easily be pawned for cash, and nine out of ten times that type of robbery is done by young people to get money to buy drugs.

And here’s the kicker reported by only a few news networks...when police arrived at the scene of the shooting a screwdriver was found ON Trayvon Martin...the same young man that had recently been suspended from school for carrying around grass in his backpack!

Coincidence maybe, but it also could be that Trayvon Martin was the person, or one of the people, who had committed these very robberies, and why... because he needed money to buy grass.  This happens with young people all the time...they need money to buy dope and they just don’t have it so they steal it.  

Trayvon Martin knew no one in the community and no one let him in, as reported by some of the media.  So why was he there...I don’t think just to walk the neighborhood and go on his merry way.  If the puzzle pieces fit correctly, and I only say IF this is the scenario, Trayvon Martin was there to steal so he could get money to buy dope.  This would not be the first time someone did this nor will it be the last. 

Now George Zimmerman enters the picture and sees this young man, who he didn’t recognize as a resident, sulking through the back alleyways of the homes, the very alleyways were the person, or persons who committed the previous robberies entered and exited from.   

Did Zimmerman overreact...should he have listened when he called the suspicious person into the police and was told to stand down...yes, he should have but his reactions were that of someone trying to prevent a neighbor from being robbed.  George Zimmerman truly believed he was doing the right thing in going after Trayvon Martin, especially after he called out to Trayvon to stop and wait for the police to arrive to see if there was indeed a problem or not.  Instead of stopping and waiting, Trayvon Martin came at Zimmerman, jumped him and slammed his head into the ground, as proven by recently released photographs.  Trayvon continued to beat on Zimmerman, who then took out his gun and shot Trayvon in self-defense, in the chest, NOT in the back, IN THE CHEST...proving Trayvon Martin was NOT trying to retreat or get away.

Now, if you re-read what I just wrote, you will find that nowhere in this scenario do I mention either person’s race...and why...because race should NOT and would NOT have been a factor in this case if the media did not make it so.  And the media only fed into this because Obama and his minions, such as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, the New Black Panthers and the like, all saw this as an incident they could capitalize on and use in Obama’s re-election campaign!  They figured this shooting could help them ignite a race war and fuel into the already started class warfare tactics Obama was using every time he gave a speech.  What better way to take people’s minds off Obama’s failed policies and record than to divert people’s attention and sympathies to an incident that involved a white man killing an unarmed black youth.

Or was Trayvon really unarmed...remember the screwdriver found on his body, the same type of screwdriver that was used in the break-ins, could have been used as a weapon against Zimmerman if given enough time in which to use it.

 It also dishonors Trayvon Martin’s family if only they would realize it and see that their son is being used as nothing more than campaign fodder.

There are NO winners here, only losers, but the coals of racial tensions should NOT be fueled by the death of this young man nor should another man be made a scapegoat just to prevent threatened riots.  The truth will come out, it always does, and in this case the truth just might not be what some want to hear.


  1. Even though we do not know the case facts and evidence yours is the most plausible and rational explanation to date.

    We will be hearing more to the story and certainly logic dictates it will favor yours vs. Obama minions and warped media.

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks, and I sure hope the truth prevails because trying to ignite a race war is beyond anything rational people can ever comprehend.

  3. Patrick CastronovoApril 28, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    The media will be the one at fault when a Riot breaks out! Blood will be on their hands! Sad...

  4. Who knows, maybe the media will run scared, really scared, and start reporting the truth for a change. We can only hope they do.