Tuesday, June 19, 2012

5 Ways Obama Is Sealing His Own Doom 

Obama Wont Apologize For Being Reasonable SC 5 Ways Obama Is Sealing His Own DoomThe plot of Mel Brooks’ 1968 classic film “The Producers” revolves around a crooked Broadway producer who sells 25,000 percent of his play, then HAS to make certain it flops so no one will be looking for any return on their investment.

The play’s name “Springtime For Hitler” is purposely selected to insure its failure.

If the play is a success, Brooks’ character, the despicable Max Bialystock, will be seen for the crook that he is.  In 2008, like Max Bialystock, Barack Obama easily promised much much more than he could deliver. The difference between Bialystock’s suckers and Obama’s suckers was that Obama’s should have/could have known better.

Watching Barack Obama’s reelection campaign careening wildly and bouncing off walls begs the question: who are we watching, Barack Obama or Max Bialystock? Could it be that Obama actually doesn’t want to be President anymore and that he WANTS to lose? At this point, he can’t very well walk away- this makes losing the cleanest and easiest way to get out of a job he was never fit for or capable of handling.

Consider Barack Bialystock’s self-destructive moves just since last summer.

Obama has virtually bragged about not wanting the support of the white middle class – America’s largest voting bloc. This one move alone may have sealed his fate. A new Gallup poll shows Obama’s white support has fallen from 44% to 38% since last November.

In January, Barack Bialystock decided he didn’t need Catholic voters, so he backed the Catholic Bishops into a corner with a demand that all employers, including Catholic and other religious institutions, will provide abortion and contraception services in employee medical plans.  It has been estimated that starting this fight with the Catholic Church could cost Barack Bialystock 18 million votes in the most important states.

Last month, President Bialystock decided he had “evolved” far enough to allow him to make a statement in support of gay “marriage.” By doing so, he has found a way to enrage about 20 % of African Americans as indicated by a Public Policy Polling survey done recently in North Carolina.

Now, our theatrical president has decided he is a dictator, and he alone will grant amnesty to 800,000 illegal aliens – because he can – and the Constitution be damned.

President Bialystock probably cinched his Springtime For Hitler “plan” by his refusal to approve the union-job-rich Keystone pipeline and further thumbed his nose at unions when they were most desperate for his help in recalling the “hated” Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Now the biggest union – the AFL-CIO-has announced it is steeply curtailing its financial support for Obama and his Party.

If this isn’t “Springtime for Hitler”, it’s damned close.

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