Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hey Obama the job numbers still stink 
By: Diane Sori

The economy’s stunk for the 3-1/2+ years Obama has been in will continue to stink until he’s out of office, period!  The only good news coming from this rotten economy is that Barack Hussein Obama will lose the election because of it as elections are won or lost on economics and economics alone.  And with the economy losing 8.8 million jobs during the recession and only getting back 3.8 million of them under Obama’s policies, stick a fork in him because he’s done.

In a nutshell, our economy stinks because this miserable excuse of a president simply does not understand how economics work as he refuses to grasp the basic economic principal of you cannot spend more than you take in.  But what can you expect from someone who has never owned a business nor has ever held a real job in their entire life. 

Unfortunately, the recipients of Obama’s ineptitude are the American people who continue to suffer under a president who vacations and plays golf while 12.7 million of us remain unemployed.  

It’s bread and circuses, while Rome, or in this case our economy, burns.

And thanks to Obama the bad economic news continues as just this past Friday The Labor Department reported that non-farm payrolls only added 80,000 jobs in June, keeping the unemployment rate at 8.2 percent, which is way below the expected and hoped for numbers.  This 8.2% figure keeps us at the worst recession level since The Great Depression for the third straight month in a row I might add. 

Now add into the mix that the so-called underemployment rate fell for the second straight month, more people went on disability (85,000 in fact) than got jobs, and any pay raises that some might have gotten have been negated by rising prices. This all around bad news is indisputable proof that our economy is still in trouble three years after Obama claimed the recession had ended, especially since he still doesn't get that successful economic growth must be done at the small and medium business level NOT by creating more wasteful and non-important government jobs.

Remember also that it’s almost four years since Obama said that if he doesn’t turn the economy around by the end of his first term in office that he will NOT be re-elected to a second term.  Well guess what, history has proven that NO president since World War II has been re-elected when the unemployment rate was more than 8%.  And I’d like to refresh your memory that Obama also said we’d be down to a 5.6% unemployment level by now with his policies...well guess what we’re not!

Barack Hussein Obama LIED to ‘We the People’ yet again, and now we intend to hold him to what he said about NOT getting re-elected, because the bottom line is that the economy under Obama’s stewardship is simply NOT growing fast enough to create jobs as he has NO idea how an economy runs, should run or needs to run.

And a new Rasmussen national telephone survey seems to bear out that he will NOT get re-elected as the survey reported that 74% of likely U.S. voters rate the economy as ‘very important’ to how they’ll vote...translating to Obama’s goose is cooked.

Cooked goose sounds good to me if it means that the countdown to Obama’s final curtain call has truly begun.


  1. Excellent piece and as I've said before TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA.Thanks Diane for laying on the line this is where the rubber meets the road.Great job as always may GOD continue to bless us with your TRUTHS.

    1. You're absolutely right in that truth has NO agenda, and thank you for your kind words.

  2. I still watch in amazement as his minions blindly follow him..... For the life of me I can't see their reasoning....

    1. None of us with even one working brain cell can understand it either!

    2. Well the operative word here is 'reasoning'. Liberals are notorious for their inability to use logic and reasoning. I think that if the liberal/leftist brain were studied I'm absolutely convinced that they'd be found to be deficient in key areas of reasoning. That's why people support the unsupportable - O'bama, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini.

    3. You might be right, hee, hee.

  3. Diane,
    Excellent op-ed as usual. I realy do question how some very highly educated persons can be so diluded to think that Obama is doing a splendid job as president. I have the embarassment to admit that I voted for him in 2008 based on his believable lies and the fact that the Republican Party ran a candidate who had a very slim chance of winning. All that I can say in defense is that I did not stay fooled, I am on to this treasonous bastard who usurped the office of president by his fraud and criminal election manipulation. It appears that Obama's sycophants will stay loyal to him until the end so what we must focus on is the fence sitters, the independants, and the unregistered who could vote. I also have the embarassment to say that my elder son who has two college degrees is an Obama supporter and had the audacity to tell me that Obama is following the Constitution and his limited powers of office. When I reminded him of the over 900 executive orders he just replied that we would have to agree to disagree. At least he didn't call me a racist. Obama has created a messianic cult-like following that defies comprehension, but there are signs that his following is shrinking away from the 'one'.
    Keep hitting them where it hurts Diane, I for one am with you.

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words and I promise you tomorrow's Op-ed will NOT make Obama a happy camper. I'm glad you had the courage to admit you made a mistake and are now part of the solution instead of being part of the problem. Everybody makes mistakes (thankfully I didn't make that one) but at least now you know the truth and that's all that matters. Maybe you can work on your older son before November...good luck. :)