Monday, October 1, 2012

The Shark Tank

Shark Tank Cameraman Accosted, Threatened at Sandra Fluke Event

By Javier Manjarres

The much anticipated Patrick Murphy event featuring Sandra “Government should pay for my birth control” Fluke was a big bust as the event was under-attended (about 75 attendees) and the proceedings went off without much incident Sunday afternoon in Fort Pierce. 

Minutes after Murphy’s amateurish campaign staffers told me that no videotaping would be allowed at the event, these same bush-league staffers asked the business owner who was hosting the event to give us the boot for no reason whatsoever. 

We felt bad for the owner because she told us she was asked to do it by the campaign, but she did have reservations about doing so because she did want to disobey orders from the Murphy campaign, nor did she want to bring any negative attention to her business. 

But the real fun occurred across the street from the event when one of Murphy’s big supporters threatened Shark Tank cameraman Patrick Castronovo with bodily harm after he attempted to ask the man a question. 

His pal showed up and made an issue about Patrick not being on a sidewalk (which is public property) while videotaping, suggesting that he was videotaping from a location where he was not allowed to. But he then corrected himself and acknowledged that Castronovo was indeed standing on city property and within his rights to videotape. 
“Don’t turn that on me unless you want it up your ass.” - Bitter Clingin’ Patrick Murphy supporter wearing an orange shirt

Click below to see the altercation:

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