Friday, November 2, 2012


Voter fraud...I saw it firsthand
By: Diane Sori

Voter fraud...a fact of life in Obamaland as the usurper-in-chief will try to steal this election just like he stole the last.  

Voter fraud has been a thorn in the side of the political savvy since Obama's first election, because they know that people can easily register under the names of the dead, double register, vote twice, or even vote without citizenship, compromising the democratic voting system ‘We the People’ hold dear.  

But Obama’s people say voter fraud is exaggerated and nonexistent.  NO, voter fraud is real...very real and voter fraud schemes can swing elections as phony ballots tip races, hell...they FIX races, all across this country. 

We must ensure the integrity of our election process by insisting on voter identification.  Voter ID works, especially when both photo ID and matching signatures is used.  Yesterday I saw that action firsthand.

As a poll watcher for Early Voting in my state of Florida, one thing that was stressed when we trained was the integrity of the vote, and that it would be in our power as poll watchers to question if a vote seemed ‘NOT right’ by bringing it to the attention of the poll supervisor who would have to handle it immediately, including getting the Board of Elections (and the police if trouble ensued) involved if need be.

In Florida a person MUST show a valid (as in current) driver’s license that has both their photo and their permanent address on it.  The license is then run through a computer for verification BEFORE they will be handed a ballot.  And what most don’t know is that it will also show if they have already voted.

Thank you Governor Scott for that one.

Anyway, I watched a man came through the line with a lady who I believe was his girlfriend, and both handed the registrar their licenses.  The lady’s license went through with NO problem but the man’s showed he had already voted!  I was close enough to witness this as the man started getting jittery and said he’d forgotten he’d already voted...yeah right.

Of course I immediately questioned what was going on and stood there until I saw the man handed back his license and NO ballot.  Could this have been reported...yes...and the man would have been in big trouble but the registrar chose to let it slide, moving them on figuring he’d been caught, did NOT get to vote twice (for Obama) so why make a big deal about it.  Could I have reported it...yes...but by the time the police or BOE person got there the man would be long gone, and it would be the registrar’s word against mine as to what happened.

But I do wonder what would have happened if I wasn’t there to see this can only surmise.

This one incident alone, that I personally witnessed, is proof positive that voter fraud does indeed happen or at least try to happen, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Eric Holder need to stop attacking states for trying to protect the integrity of America's elections.  States like Florida who try their best to keep the integrity of the vote should be heralded NOT be accused of disenfranchising ‘certain communities’ for political reasons because that is simply a crock and they know it.

Thankfully, in the case I witnessed strict voter I.D. laws and in-place electronic check lists caught the man, and in NO way was the left’s touted voter suppression involved as he had already voted.

So guys beware...the usurper will indeed try to usurp again.  We must remain on our guard at all times and above all else work our butts off these final few days to get the vote out...the Republican vote out.  It all boils down to a simple case of numbers that will STOP Barack HUSSEIN Obama from achieving his goal of destroying our beloved America.

And I intend to be one of those that will try my best to make sure he is stopped.


  1. As a programmer and somewhat of a computer expert the concern I have is that these voting machines, largely programmed and maintained by Unions such as SEIU, could actually make a vote appear to go for the intended candidate, but under the hood the vote could go into the tally for another candidate. That is actually quite frightening because there is almost no way after the fact to validate or confirm any wrong-doing took place. Again, as a programmer it would be very easy to "code" the interface so that before real elections, some date certain, the machine would test out fine; then on election day the "code" could trigger a "redirect" to favor one candidate, or steal votes from a candidate to go to another. Yeah, I am no fan of electronic voting. I'd like to remain in the voting dark ages and cast on paper ballots, or punch ballots--they leave a record!

    1. I so agree and I am against early voting too.

    2. This was mentioned on another site and I'll re post my comment: I refuse to use a voting machine until the source code is Open Source and available for inspection. There is a way to verify that the source code that is provided is actually what’s on the machine I’m using. The Machine prints out a hard copy for me to inspect and deposit into a ballot box, and the process includes verifying the contents of the ballot box against the machine totals. Do those things and I’ll consider using one.

    3. So does this mean you're NOT voting...I sure hope that's NOT the case.