Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oklahoma...promises made that will never be kept
By: Diane Sori

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a very busy man right now…I mean what with the ‘Trifecta of Scandals’ to lie about…ooops, I mean to deal with...that I sure hope the people affected by the (now confirmed EF-5) tornado in Oklahoma don’t take his promises of help to heart.

And while on Monday night Obama signed a disaster declaration for Oklahoma, claiming this clears the way for federal aid…just like he did in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy…this is a hollow declaration filled with empty words for most home and business owners in New Jersey are still waiting for the bulk of that promised aid.

And in a telephone conversation with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and Representative Tom Cole (whose home was in the devastated town of Moore), Obama told them that “the people of Oklahoma are in his and the first lady’s thoughts and prayers” and that while his team will continue to keep him updated, he urged the governor to be in touch directly if there were additional resources the administration could provide.

‘Continue to keep him updated’…what a miserable excuse of a president he is for as our country's leader Obama should be there now, on the ground getting his hands dirty, helping, consoling, and giving hope to the people of Oklahoma NOT merely being kept updated…but Oklahoma is a ‘red state’ and that says it all. But if there’s a photo-op of the devastation that he can use to his benefit you know he’ll be there in the blink of an eye.

The devastation is mind-boggling as the 20-mile path of destruction ripped homes from their foundations, stripped the bark off what few trees were left standing, and tossed cars blocks from their owners homes. And as of now officials have confirmed at least 24 people have died, the medical examiner’s office confirmed at least 233 people have been injured, with that number expected to rise as recovery efforts continue over the coming days.

Recovery efforts NOT rescue efforts as the cadaver dogs have now sadly been called in.

And while Obama promises them help…what a president should do…his track record of helping those in trouble…those in need…is NOT good NOT good at all. Remember, Barack HUSSEIN Obama didn’t help Brian Terry’s family in finding answers to ‘Fast and Furious’…he didn’t help Sandy Hook recover from the murders of 20 children except to use them as photo-ops to push his (thankfully failed) gun-control agenda…he didn’t help Ambassador Stevens when he begged for help in Benghazi…and he didn’t really help the people of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy NO matter what turncoat Governor Chris Christie says.

Heaven help the people of Oklahoma for Obama’s words are empty words as his Sandy photo-ops are testament to, for he made BIG promises but delivered little if at all. When he hugged New Jersey business owner Donna Vanzant after the storm…in the photo shown around the world…after her home had been destroyed and her marina business gone…he promised her so much but the lady who was the recipient of Obama’s hug has now said that the president’s promises to 'pour aid' into the area were empty…she and her neighbors got empty promises along with a non-personal form letter e-mail from him.

“[The email] had nothing to do with what I was asking him. It was a form letter. It thanked me for supporting the troops. He made a promise to rebuild on national television, and I can’t even get this money,” she said.

And her destroyed business received NO help from FEMA either, except for an offer to give her a loan at 6% interest…a high-interest loan that under the circumstances they knew she would NOT be able to make the monthly payments on. Ain’t it great to offer…great for publicity and NOTHING more when you know the person cannot accept it.

Is this what awaits the people of Oklahoma…sadly, it could very well be.

Remember, with Obama everything is about campaigning even after having stolen…ooops again, I mean having won (gag) the last election, and it’s NOT likely that Governor Fallen will grovel at his feet like Chris Christie did. And I seriously doubt the predominately Republican people of Oklahoma will get any more help than the predominately Democratic people of New Jersey got..more likely they will get even less…a lot less.

And sending the dreaded FEMA people to Oklahoma to aid in state and local recovery efforts…to ensure that federal resources are being ‘properly deployed’…sends a message that here comes the screw-ups, the excuses, and of course the cover-ups the federal government is known for….especially the Obama government.

Sadly, the good people of Oklahoma will find they’re on their own for Obama has NOTHING to politically gain by helping hard working, God loving, family-oriented people…he saves his help for ‘the sponges’ of our society…for his blind-faith followers…his sheeple and no one else.

And you know what, Oklahoma will survive, rebuild, and thrive even without Obama's promised help that will never arrive as ‘We the People’ will help our fellow Americans when he won’t.

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