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My Top 5 Can’t-Miss Predictions For 2014

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My Top 5 Can’t-Miss Predictions For 2014

I cannot unconditionally wish you a Happy New Year, because I don’t think it is going to be all that happy for most of us. So here’s a happy reminder of the good old days, when our worst fears were mostly just that: fears.

Think of all the angst felt by millions of people just 14 years ago, when the world was abuzz over Y2K. Could the computer geeks get it fixed in time? If they didn’t, what would be the outcome? People predicted End of Days scenarios: terribly expensive gasoline, an out-of-control Federal deficit, massive Federal aid for the growing poor, Mideast wars, a Federal government that failed to function and a draconian or even dictatorial American President who not only ignored the Constitution but used his personal authority in ways that once only George Orwell could imagine.

What a relief it was so see the Times Square New Year’s Eve Ball drop and not have the family TV and everything electric turn black when the ball hit the bottom. It seemed like we were free and clear.

Silly me for being worried. It took the election of two American Presidents over the course of 13 years to do what we feared Y2K could do in a couple of weeks. And as it turns out, those two men — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — excelled at selling many things, none more so than fear.

Together with the media, they created a fearful Nation. With that in my thoughts, I decided to tell you my forecast for 2014. So here it is, what I see in my crystal ball for 2014:
  1. There will be variable weather. Weather will be unpredictable this year, meaning sometimes it will be hot when it is supposed to be cold and wet when it is supposed to be dry. There will be at least one hurricane, more than one tornado and at least one major flood. This will lead to…
  2. Greens blaming variable weather on fossil fuels. Bet your bottom dollar that, at the very least, MSNBC and CNN will treat variable weather events as proof that man-made carbon is killing the planet.  They will tote out “climate change experts” who will harp on the facts as they see them — including former Vice President Al Gore, who will say something ridiculously stupid that all the progressive liberals will believe. They, of course, will not be alone in trying to make all of us afraid because the Obama Administration will present…
  3. Dire warnings of a potential terrorist strike. Of course, nobody in government will be able to say when or where such an attack will happen — only that we should all be anxious that it will happen. It will dovetail nicely with liberal climatologists who will tell us that bad, perhaps even catastrophic weather may break upon us any day. To deal with the terrorist threat, you can count on Obama’s launching more attacks on Muslim countries and calling them necessary. The Obama Administration won’t come out specifically and say it is to win the hearts and minds of Islam, but that will be the indirect message that mainstream Republicans like Senator John McCain will line up behind. McCain will also plead that for some good reason somewhere in the world America must put “boots on the ground” to preserve peace. That message will thankfully be ignored by Obama, who instead will launch even more drone strikes. And there will hardly be a whisper from the media, who will instruct us that all of the government’s actions (killing) are to keep America safe. This will create a lot of animosity among Muslims, and to placate that…
  4. Obama will bow to Islamic dictators. The President will continue to celebrate Islam in public, if not in private, and will often acquiesce to brutal dictatorships, especially those that are rich in oil. He will also rub in the face of Christians outrageous lies that almost all Muslims are peaceful, loving people. Unfortunately, Obama will not be nearly as kind to America’s middle class this year — especially white Americans, who will be the focus of the biggest news event of the year…
  5. A story about white-on-black violence. Somewhere in America this year a black person will be highlighted as a victim of white criminality. The facts of the case won’t matter — only that there will be a media frenzy to cover it. Obama will give press conferences about how he could somehow be a relative of the victim. Of course, Obama will by lying about his personal angst. But for 2014, Obama will lie about a great many things. The good news is we have only three years left to suffer with him in the White House.
Happy New Year,
–John Myers

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