Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stick and stones might break bones but big mouth Democratic governors do send people

By: Diane Sori  

By now we all know that last Friday in a radio interview, ubber liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo caused quite a stir when discussing the split in the Republican party...a split between the moderates... translation: the RINOS...and the true conservatives of the party who he accused of being anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, pro-assault weapons, and pro-Second Amendment...which by the way they are, but it's what Cuomo said after that has raised the ire of conservatives everywhere NOT just in New York.

Needing moderate RINO support and endorsements for his 2014 re-election bid, especially from those in big money Democratic electorates on Long Island and in Westchester county he asked, “Who are they?...Are they these extreme conservatives, who are right to life, pro-assault weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that is who they are and if they are extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York.’’ 

And the fallout from his verbal diarrhea started almost immediately and damage control went into full operational mode. And true to Democratic form, Cuomo's people claimed in an open letter to the editor of the New York Post that his words were “distorted” and that Cuomo wasn't talking about individuals per se, but was talking about conservative candidates wanting to run in his state.

“It is clear that the governor was making the observation that an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic),” the letter stated.

Yeah right...for Cuomo's people took a page directly from the Obama playbook of NOT taking responsibility for what came out of one's own mouth...just like when Obama tried to claim that "If you like your insurance...if you like your can keep them...period" was taken out of intended context...and did what was expected of them as they covered-up with lies Cuomo's words in an effort to divert and deflect the masses away from the vileness spewed by this angry, leftist-leaning, party-loyal, conservative hater.

And anyway NO matter how his people try to temper down the so-called 'intended meaning' of  Cuomo words, NO lies now said can cover for the fact that nowhere in Cuomo's statement is the word 'candidate' mentioned or even alluded to.

And as the initial the firestorm cleared, what remained from Cuomos's very own personal 'Bridgegate' is the question of why is he pushing so hard to win over the moderate (RINO) Republicans...simply, it's because he's losing support from the base...those wealthy big money left-wing progressives who are needed NOT just to finance his campaign...a campaign with a current war chest of 33 million dollars...but also to stir up the Democratic masses against any and all opposition. And the fact that he's already at odds with recently elected NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, with State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, with State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, and with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver...does NOT bode well and can hurt his chances for re-election...for you NEVER want to alienate those high ranking officials within your own party NO matter the amount in your war chest.

In fact, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who's considering a run for governor himself, said of Cuomo’s far left radical comments, “New York already leads the nation in chasing away its own citizens because of extraordinary high taxes, so does Cuomo really want to bully millions more away?’’

And how right he is for although New York is a blue state, the Republicans are in possession of great sums of money the state needs and collects in taxes...just ask those like Donald Trump who pay into the state coffers millions in taxes every year. But those are the very people leaving New York, in fact a 2012 Tax Foundation study found that over taxation was the cause of 3.4 million New Yorkers leaving the state over the past 10 years. And businesses are right behind in the a tune of $46 billion in taxable income...because in addition to the burdensome taxes they're also over regulated to the hilt.

These stats alone will amaze you...New York has a top progressive income tax bracket of nearly 9%, with New York City itself adding on 3.5% in additional taxes...which newly elected far-left Mayor de Blasio wants to increase. Add to that a New York gift tax, a gasoline and cigarette tax, property taxes, and an estate tax that averages about 11%. And when you add to that county and city sales taxes that average between 7% and 8.9%, you can see why New York's loss is Florida's economic gain as most of those leaving are coming to Florida. Florida is known as being a business friendly state with right-to-work laws...and this is a biggie...Florida has NO income tax, NO estate tax, and NO inheritance tax, and as an added bonus our local governments cannot impose any such levies as per Florida State Statutes.

And New Yorkers are leaving because of the game playing done by people like Governor Cuomo... true Democratic politician that he is...a man who puts party politics before the needs and wants of the people who elected him. Case in point...Cuomo, just like Obama, vetoes measures that pass both Houses if they do NOT conform to his personal views and party platform. And New Yorkers, just like many across the country, are plain sick and tired of this partisan nonsense with decisions made to benefit 'the party' alone. And last year to prove this point, Cuomo vetoed 82 House passed bills..and NO great surprise here...the vast majority were bills proposed by the one which providing a disability benefit to sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and correction officers if they become physically or mentally incapacitated as a result of the actions by a civilian at a local jail or other county institution.  Cuomo couldn't wait to put his veto on that one.

And so while NY State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox is calling for Cuomo to apologize, "I call upon Governor Cuomo to apologize to New York's good conservatives and Catholics for his statement that they 'have no place in the State of New York' and to all New Yorkers for poisoning New York's politics with divisive rhetoric at a time when New York needs to be united to address its continuing economic problems"...apologizes issued just to placate the politicians and sooth the hurt feelings of the masses amounts to just empty words.

And if truth be told, the only thing that can throw a wrench into the leftist agenda and hit them where it the pocketbook and state what New Yorkers like FOX News conservative pundit Sean Hannity said and what a lot of everyday conservative New Yorkers are now feeling, "I'm not welcome in my own home state...that's fine. Governor Cuomo, I'm going to leave and I'm taking all of my money with me — every single solitary penny."

And to that I say, "Sean, you're welcome in Florida anytime."


  1. Diane, I own The Revolution FB page and I'd like to talk with you about cross promotion or other mutually beneficial actions. You can contact me at ~Mark Hastings

  2. Use of arbeit macht frei in such a manner is inappropriate. I'm sure a Nazi slogan was truly not the only way to make the point.

  3. The use of "arbeit macht frei" is totally appropriate in this current fascist political climate. The fascist Democrat gun control laws are copied directly from the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law. The controlling of business by government is corporate fascism. Now you have a loud-mouth dictatorial brainless idiot, ala Hitler, running New York State.

    I am sick of the Jewish faction claiming they have solitary right to all things "Holocaust". History is repeating itself here in the US and states like NY, like it did in Nazi Germany, Nazi Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, etc.

    It is obvious that the current crop of liberal Jews are going down the same path their German brethren did in the 1930s. Why is it that Jews hate guns??????? Why is it that Jews believe government can protect them, when all government ever did to Jews was destroy them over the past 2000 years?????

    Answer me those questions and I will back off supporting the usage of "arbeit macht frei". Arbeit macht frei is totally appropriate.

    And, I am sick of Jews attempting to curtail my First Amendment Rights and Second Amendment Rights to express terminology and issues that almost wiped out their entire population because of such stupidity.