Saturday, July 26, 2014

 muslims being muslims...note the stylized Star of David...
barbaric bast*rds should NOT live let alone 
walk amongst civilized man.



  1. I hope these stupid pigs understand that this can work two ways. Islam should be banned as a religion. I don't care what anyone says, I think it should be banned and the muslims driven out from among us. I hope to put that fat hog's head on a pike one day as a trophy. I would bury him among pigs, and wipe my butt on his Koran.

    1. Crude but my sentiments exactly. BTW, islam is NOT a religion but a political system wrapped in the guise of calling itself a religion. It's more like a cult gone wild.

    2. Yeah...when I first saw that picture it sent me over the edge! It was lucky fatboy wasn't in front of my face at that moment; I would have cut his jowls ear to ear (maybe even made him Halal like a slab of bacon)! However, now that I am calmed down, I don't think I would change a word. I might add a few.

      I would bulldoze down that monstrosity called the Dome of the Rock. It is a hazard to everyone in the area. I read that it is structurally unsound and perhaps a fire hazard. I would not allow a mosque in the state of Israel, or here for that matter. I know, the Israeli’s won’t do it because they are nice guys.

      We need a NEW Crusade against Islam and I would make it 10 times bigger than before. I would start with the region in western Iraq and eastern Syria known as ISIS or ISIL. I would take off the head off the leader for all his minions to see; with the understanding their time is coming.

      I would make them restore everything destroyed 10 times over or cut off their heads.

      If Muslims do not renounce the doctrine known as Jizyah (a penalty fee for being Christian or Jew), I would charge them 10 times that fee for being Muslim. If they love the Koran so dearly, I would judge them by the Koran and give them a decent Muslim punishment.

      I would build a replica of King Solomon’s temple in Mecca on top of the place where the Ka’bah now stands. Why…because the Muslims like to destroy important religious places of other peoples and lands. The Muslims built the Dome of the Rock over where King Solomon’s temple used to be to mock the Jews and the time has come to return the favor.

    3. I so love how you think but I would go even further...turn all muzzie lands into Israel's parking lot.