Sunday, July 6, 2014

"Secure this border Mr. President” 
By: Diane Sori

“Allowing them to remain here will only encourage the next group of individuals to undertake this very, very dangerous and life-threatening journey...and those who come must be sent back to demonstrate in no uncertain terms that risking your lives on the top of those trains and the ways that they are coming here, it’s not worth it.” 
- Texas Governor Rick Perry's words before an HHS committee looking into the crisis at our southern border

And with those words kudos must go out to Governor Perry...a man of courage who stood strong and said what needed to be said as he echoed the words of what many of us believe...ship them all back including the children...period.

Saying that entering our country ILLEGALLY is both a humanitarian and a national security crisis, Perry's recent testimony before the above said HHS committee held NOTHING back as he made it clear that we need to "Secure this border now." Claiming the unending stream of unaccompanied children ILLEGALLY entering our country is a direct result of Obama's failure to secure this border, Perry then went on to say...and rightfully so...that Obama's recent changes to our immigration policy sent a message to any and all that if they send their children here they would be allowed to stay.

And why NOT as Obama sees them as NOTHING but future Democratic Obama sees them as party loyalists knowing full well that people don't bite the hand that feeds Obama knows that black Americans are starting to turn on him and the party as they see these ILLEGALS taking their jobs away...and how right they are.

Point these children are being loaded onto buses for disbursement throughout our country...with their destinations deliberately being within the 100-mile so-called 'Constitution Free' zones where Obama has made it so that they cannot be deported...those buses need to be turned around by the National Guard if need be... depositing these ILLEGALS back on the Mexican side of the border where they belong. In fact, NOT only has Governor Perry called for the deploying of at least 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to help with immigration enforcement while more U.S. Border Patrol agents are trained, but Michael McCaul, the chairman of the HHS committee and a Texas Republican, reiterated Perry's need to send the National Guard forces "to free up Border Patrol agents so they can perform their primary mission, and that is securing the border." 

And Obama's answer to their requests...his party's answer to their requests...lobby the Republicans in the House to support enactment of his sweeping immigration overhaul bill.

NO...I don't think so.

And so to date more than 52,000 children under 18 years of age...three times the number than were detained in 2012...have crossed into the U.S. unaccompanied since last October, with most coming in through the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas...and those are just the ones we can account for. Most of their journey started when they crossed easily into Mexico from its open southern border, and most are coming from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Most easily work their way up through Mexico, and when apprehended claim they're fleeing gang violence and poverty in their home countries, but pray tell how can four and five year olds know to flee anything...and YES children as young as that are crossing into our country unattended. And the bottom line is that their parents are using their children as an 'anchor' to speak...banking on the fact that down the road the U.S. government will allow them...the eventually enter our country without due-process on the grounds that children need their parents.

But the truth is that these children must to be sent back to their parents post-haste NOT have their parents come here. And while Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee said she was prepared to support funding...ain't we lucky that Rep. Jackson Lee is prepared to spend more of our taxpayer dollars on criminals (remember, crossing our border ILLEGALLY does indeed make them criminals)...funding she claims would help expedite cases allowing them to move through immigration courts faster. And she added to her bloviations that quick deportations were NOT the answer, but I beg to differ as they indeed are.

“A massive deportation policy for children and a mandatory detaining for children is not a humane thing to do,” she said...typical Democrat response of course.

NO Rep. Jackson Lee...deportation IS exactly the humane thing to do as these ILLEGAL now criminal children belong with their parents NOT as wards of our states paid for with our taxpayer dollars. These children were willingly sent by their parents to perpetrate a criminal their name I might add...against our country for their own gain...and they need to go.


Unfortunately there are laws in the U.S. that layout the proper and accepted care of 'at-risk children' which Obama and his administration considers these children to be. And sadly, these laws make no distinction between children of U.S. citizens and children who are here ILLEGALLY. So once here...and especially if they're shipped to cities within the '100-mile zone'...neither the states nor the federal government can simply ship them back to where they came from without first knowing that the conditions where they will be shipped back to meet the minimum standards that would be required for a foster home in the U.S.

Nice huh...

So it seems we're stuck with these children as their mere presence in our country without parental supervision automatically qualifies and labels them as 'at-risk children', and all 50 states have specific laws in place that requires the states to step in as guardians until legal relatives are found. So now we have to feed, house, cloth, and educate them as we watch them rape our welfare system, our health care system, and watch them grow up take our jobs and vote Democratic. And all this lies at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama who has allowed this to happen by tearing down our once in-place immigration system to lay the ground floor for his so-wanted blanket amnesty for the future party loyal.

But for now monies are needed to help protect and secure the Texas border at least enough to slow the what seems to be a never ending influx of ILLEGALS in addition to giving Texas a refund on the millions the state has already spent. An add into the mix that the state will be paying yet another $1.3 million per week to the Department of Public Safety to assist in border security through at least the end of the year if NOT longer on top of $500 million Texas has already spent since 2005 to help secure the border.. And along with this request Perry sent a letter inviting Obama to see the border crisis firsthand...and of course he declined.

But the bottom line in all this...and the only logical thing to do...would be to immediately seal the borders...lock them down completely so NO one gets across...NO one...and then send the ILLEGALS...both children and adults that we can account for...back to where they came from for while America is a generous and caring nation it is NOT America's job to take care of those who by their very act of entering our country ILLEGALLY become criminals...after all we do have our own criminals...especially the one in the White deal with.

However, with a much needed reality check here, the building of a secure fence along the entire southern border has had its cost estimated at $46 billion to build, so you just know it won't get done anytime soon as that would mean Obama would have to cut his freebie and handout programs to our future Democratic voters along with cut funding to the muslim terrorist groups that he so loves...and you know he will do neither.

Such is life under Obama's dictatorial regime...and it will only get worse...that sadly I can promise you...sigh...


  1. I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the
    People. Will you sign it?

    Lets get something straight - we already have laws, and the law passed stated that the border would be built - PERIOD!

    I say let me build it for 30 billion.... I will use unemployed veterans, and we will build it right..... 2 walls of triple strand concertina on top of spiked walls... walls 100 meters apart with machine gun sensors to fire at movement and grounds dispersed with anti-personnel mines!

    Now here we are 27 years later and still no border. Solution: the Democrats want the illegal aliens here so badly then let them pay for them! NOT ALL AMERICA --- Fine every Democrat Senator and Congressman 100,000 per each and every illegal alien they let stay! These illegals need to reside in the counties where these Democrats live!

  2. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free"

    So you steal the land from us Native Americans, and don't have the decency to live up to your own supposed principles. What a group of non-self aware idiots your generation is.

    1. Everyone knows that Caucasoid people came before the Siberian migration! We were here before the beaners as well, so we own it! They murdered the Caucasoid people dumbass!

      Let me get this straight: you want illegal aliens from Central America to enter our country carrying lice, TB, foot and mouth disease, and a shit load of other diseases so they can “like” your POS leader and vote democrat? It’s alright to tell the truth!

      If I use your f’king logic, then ANYBODY at ANYTIME can enter this country? Why…because we took land from the Indians (who took it from their predecessors the Caucasians) ? If my ancestors came before your ancestors, does that mean you should give up your land to me? That’s what your logic sounds like!

      Since you love the diseased huddled masses so much, why do you put them in YOUR house and take care of THEIR needs. They came to America before you so you owe them Skippy! Hope you don’t get TB (the incurable kind!)

      Here is what I think: I don’t owe Negroid people anything; I am not responsible to raise the beaner’s babies from Central America; they should go back to Central America. I am not responsible for a stupid slut’s birth control; she can use a vaginal plug-in or something. Just because you libtards want to give money to the po hoes (who are really RICH hoes) doesn’t mean the rest of us do!

      I will say this, I would rather we give money and housing to our vets than the tired masses invading our borders. Let’s take care of AMERICANS first! Can’t we agree to that? We don’t owe the rest of the GD world a GD thing!

    2. Diane Sori's cult followers are not only stupidly gullible but sick, hate filled racists also. Gee, what a surprise.

  3. I know there must be some democrat senators out there with a modicum of common sense. Where are they and why won’t they speak up? Obama knows full well what he is doing, and the republicans are effete in countering his positions.

    Diane…here is what is going to happen: nothing!

    Obama was elected by the majority of voters, and it is VERY hard to go against his executive orders, but it can be done with all other sides kicking against him. A judge forcing the IRS to give evidence concerning the lost e-mails is an example of someone kicking back! The judge is saying: sorry…I don’t believe you; you are going to have to PROVE they are unrecoverable e-mails. If Boehner follows through with his suing the president, then that would be an act of kicking back.

    We know that Obama has Harry Reid and Eric Holder and Jeh Johnson in his hip pocket; he also has most of the IRS in his hip pocket. Lois Lerner was just another Obama lackey! Obama seems to have great pull on federal agencies! I don’t think this should be so; the people in the various agencies work for the AMERICAN people, and not the president. The President should not contact agencies surreptitiously without Congress being informed (I think this should be the new rule…no more acting in private with agency heads. I think the meetings should be recorded for Congress to listen in.)

    This overreach problem has pervaded our entire government, and the democrats are using our government against us.

    You and Craig spoke about the Declaration of Independence yesterday; I don’t recall Craig showing how our situation with Obama today, is much different than dealing with the King of England many years ago; however, let’s say we have an out-of-control government that does not speak for half the country. I would say we need to divide the country. Personally, I would choose to go to the free side!

    I will be blunt: if we don’t win BIG in November, the only way to fix the problem is with a revolution. We need a STRONG legislature to help us with Obama’s remaining 2 years. We need to vote in large numbers, and remember, Obama’s people (blacks) always vote in BIG numbers. It is so pathetic to watch white neighborhoods with hardly anyone voting, and then watch black neighborhoods where the people are lined up around the block 2 times.
    I don’t know why you and other white people try to pretend that black people reachable.
    A full 5% are reachable; that is all! Of course we welcome those 5% and they are one of us, but in general the black community is democrat. Same for all the other colors of the rainbow except white! White people had better wake up and soon, or they will be the NEW minority and have NOTHING! Look at Detroit; look at Los Angeles; these will be the NEW AMERICA…and I don’t like what I see!!

    I will vote, and I will try my best to get my wife to vote. She is one of those “who cares” or “what does it matter” types. She is very typical of MANY white women! My friend at work has the same problem with his family. White people had better start caring ASAP! How do you reach people who do not give a shit?

  4. For ONCE Boehner is standing up to Obama…we shall see how this goes! Maybe there is more to him than tears!

    Diane…this may be the first small step in facing the maniac called Obama! Part of the problem is that our side DOES follow the law; whereas the democrat side has become renegade thugs! In my opinion, if the democrats no longer follow the Constitution or follow the laws on the book, they forfeit having any say in our country and should not be allowed as a party.

    It is LONG past time for Boehner to declare war on Obama and the democrats. We ain’t takin’ this shit anymore!

  5. Wake up call. Today, Central American children. Tomorrow, African children. Think about it.