Friday, November 21, 2014

Enough said...


  1. Too bad a certain woman who was arrested in DC today for carrying a gun didn't use it on a certain HALF black pile of shit and spill his brains all over the fucking street. Hell…I consider her as much of a hero (if that was her plan), as I would a soldier fighting for his country and risking life and limb.

    Hasn't Obama declared war on us by wiping his ass on the Constitution? He mocks our leaders in Congress. What's left for us to do? Do you think he will listen to reason or the voter's voice? He is now a dictator and needs to be removed like a malignant cancer. He WILL not abide by the law, so WE (meaning all of us) need to go to Washington DC and physically kick his thug ass out of the white house for good.

    We don't need permission from Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or Eric Holder. They need to move their nasty asses out of the way while we do some house cleaning. I'm tired of reasoning with these spear chuckers. You don't reason with them, you put them to sleep like you would a rabid dog.

    The time for politeness is over; now is the time for a fist sandwich in the mouth of those bastards. We can't wait 2 more years. This bastard needs to be stopped NOW.

    I would suggest violence in front of the white house for all to see. If the nigger loving press wants to show us as violent, then so be it. Give them a fist sandwich as well!

    Make no mistake, Obama declared war on US.

  2. Declared war on the U.S....for sure.