Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Truth About Michael Brown
By: Right Side Patriots (Diane Sori and Craig Andresen)

Here's your sweet innocent 'kid' that all the 'animals' are rioting for.

Our CPR Worldwide Media investigative team (Craig and Diane) and reporters on the ground in Ferguson have uncovered the following information (see photo below) about the so called 'Gentle Giant' Michael Brown.

MB was a bully, a criminal, and a gang member with a long history of assault. His mother and stepfather NEVER raised him. He was raised by his grandmother and biological father and notice how quiet they are. Neither is calling for revenge or rioting, nor are they hanging out with the likes of Al Sharpton and crew who are threatening civil suits and egging on a race war. Crying racism is BIG business and they want to capitalize on Brown's 'self-caused' death...and line their own pockets... while still hoping to send an innocent officer to jail. 

Thanks to these 'animals the loss of revenue to the Ferguson-St. Louis area since November 1st is between $1.5-2 BILLION to date. Merry Christmas America from these 'animals' as our president remains silent.


  1. Wow…now this is some information! It would seem that Brown was NOT the gentle giant we all thought he was!

    However, no matter how bad he was, in the African-American community he will be lauded as St. Michael the Gentle. There will be a statue in his honor on the exact spot he lay in the street. Where he was shot dead for just being black and trying to surrender! Governor Nixon will have to crawl on his belly from the state capitol all the way to where the gentle giant was martyred to show white peoples’ contrition.

    Many on the left will rue the waste of taxpayer’s money spent on this great mind, or that of Trayvon, or any African American featured on this blog

    The left headed by the President himself will mourn the loss of a waste of a great mind. Didn’t the United Negro Fund used to say a mind is a terrible thing to waste? Well…here were two great minds cut down in their prime. For those who click on the link above to see some other great minds, we see that Michael Brown was NOT alone. Oh no…there are many great minds out there to pick up where he and Trayvon left off. The young man at the top of the page is what I consider the look of the average African-American: wholesome, young, intelligent and vibrant. Please look at his smile and the twinkle in his eyes!

    Many of those featured in the New Nation News are ready to pick up the banner and lead their brothers to the Promised Land! They will insure that white people PAY for all those years of suffering.

    Earlier I said some things that some people might find racist, but just looking at the link above gives me hope for all African Americans. YES…Ferguson will be BETTER because of the likes of Michael Brown and his mother and step-father. His father’s chant to let the “bitch burn” will be the rallying cry for all African Americans. We can truly co-exist with these people. KEEP REPEATING THAT UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IT!

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  2. I think Craig and Diane should write a eulogy for the gentle giant. Something replete with the requisite encomium for this great American icon!

    I can start off:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    What can we say about Michael Brown that hasn’t already been said? He was cut down in his prime by a racist Police Officer who hated blacks.

    He was so beloved by his neighbors and those in the business community that just before his death a short shop owner was given a hug by Brown for his generous contribution of some swisher sweet cigarillos. I’m sure that man will never wash his shirt because it was one of the last things our hero touched.

    It is with deep and sincere honor I bow to Brown’s mother, father, step-father and grandmother, and ask them to donate the swisher sweets to the Smithsonian for future children who want to walk in the gentle giant’s foot steps.

    OK…Now Diane, or Craig, or Mohammad can take over…I’m too full of emotion to continue writing about this enormous 300+ pound loss to humanity.

    Maybe there could be a parade like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for Brown, or maybe some Christmas specials. We can’t just sit by and forget all he did! Maybe the lady who got her bakery shop looted could say a few words!

  3. Diane, what do you make of this?

    1. BRA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Here is what it means - if true...then somebody was right, and somebody was wrong.

      I take things with a grain of salt anymore even when I read them on the Patriot Factor. However, I heard that Brown's own relatives said he was no angel.

      Let's say everything mentioned by Diane was false, Brown would have still been heading for prison had he lived! Beating a police officer and strong arm robbing a store...the boy was heading up the river! Let's face it...the nigger fucked up!

      The guy was NO angel...and I would have loved to see his juvenile record. can try to protect that worthless 300 pound dead ape if you like, but I'm just glad he is dead! HA HA.

  4. All that stuff you guys have above was just a misunderstanding! The president and Eric Holder have come out in defense of this misunderstood gentleman. Why don’t you mention the fact that he graduated summa cum laude from his high school and was an eagle scout. Where is mention that he won a scholarship to Harvard Business School? How about his mastering calculus in the 5th grade? I could go on and on!

    Michael Brown’s greatest love was horticulture, medieval European History, and singing ballads and folk music. No mention of that! TUT TUT TUT!

    1. "I heard"

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  5. OK...I don't care what Brown's past was, but if this piece of information is true I would like to know that for a fact.

    We have two cases here: this record is true, and the media is trying to cover up Brown's record; or the record is untrue and bogus. It is either one way or the other. Photoshopping is very easy nowadays and can trick the most intelligent people. Is it possible that the record actually belongs to someone else and somebody is playing games with us?

    Ether way the point is moot and doesn't really matter anyway; however, I don't like to be fed bullshit!

    If this is indeed false, I would like to know. Good NIght : )

    1. If you don't like to be fed bullshit, then why do you read this blog?

    2. I hate bullshit too. This story is false. I fact checked it. Snopes says it's a different Michael Brown, not the one from Ferguson. Snopes findings: Additionally, local news sources confirmed that Mike Brown was not facing any criminal complaints at the time of his death.

      The list of charges that are cited in the "Example" block above and proffered as documenting Michael Brown's criminal record above appear to have been drawn from a Missouri court search in which someone found a case involving some other Michael Brown and mistakenly assumed that person was the teenager killed in Ferguson. However, that case record (3SL-CR12675-01, ST V MICHAEL R BROWN) referenced someone with a similar but different name (Michael R. Brown vs. Michael Brown, Jr.), who lived in a different Missouri town (Troy vs. Crestwood) and was born in a different year (1997 vs. 1996) than the Michael Brown who was shot in Ferguson.

  6. Sorry Diane Sori. You've lost what little credibility you may have once had in my eyes at least. Your sauce is weak.