Wednesday, January 28, 2015

During testimony and questioning from lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill, attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch failed to answer questions about the Department of Justice role in the IRS targeting scandal, arguing because she hasn't been briefed on the case in her capacity as U.S. Attorney, she can't comment.

"With regards to the actions of any of the agencies in our government there is certainly no place for bias, or favortism, or anything other than the even handed application of the relevant laws and regulations. Certainly, that has always been my goal as a prosecutor and would be my continued goal should I be confirmed," Lynch said. "With respect to the IRS investigation, I am generally aware that there is an investigation going on but it's not a matter that's either being conducted by my office or that I've been briefed on as United States attorney so I am not able to comment on the status now." 

Tomorrow Catherine Engelbrecht, President of voter integrity group True The Vote, will testify in front of the Committee about DOJ's role in the IRS targeting scandal, which included inquiries about how the agencies could work together on criminal prosecution and charges for conservative groups who "lied" about political activity on application forms.

Department of Justice leaders appointed trial attorney Barbara Bosserman in 2013 to investigate targeting of conservative groups. Bosserman is a democratic donor and gave thousands of dollars to President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

You can watch Lynch's remarks here. Her comments about the IRS targeting scandal can be found at time marker 46:36.


  1. Obama's approval ratings are back above 50%, which means more and more people are finally realizing 1) our economy is rapidly improving under the Obama administration, and 2) it's either him or you psychotic Tea Party extremists, and he's doing a pretty fine job compared to idiots like Sarah Palin.