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Defeating Islam Starts With the Truth                     
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen (RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS)

Let's start with the bottom line...what happened in Paris will happen here we just do NOT know exactly when and where. And it will happen because we have a president who caters to, acquiesces to, and condones the actions of those out to kill us all. Remember, Barack HUSSEIN Obama while sometimes using the word 'terrorism' refuses to call the majority of the vast acts of terrorism what they really are...islamic terrorism...because he dare NOT offend his own chosen ideology.

Now lets cut to the chase and tell a truth that few want to hear...islam wants war with the west so lets give it to them and end this once and for all. Remember, islam is NOT a religion so perish the thought that we are waging war on the religion of islam for islam is an ideology, a political cult if you will, and has NOTHING to do with God for allah is but a made-up deity of a perverted pedophile called mohammed.

Simply, this would be a war of civilization against the barbaric.

And this is key because one must understand that NO matter how some want you to believe that radical islam and islam itself are two totally different entities NOTHING could be further from the truth. In fact, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, a muslim leader in his own right, said, “Islam cannot be classified as moderate or not…These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

In other words, according to Erdogan, our main stream media and our political leaders are actually insulting the ideology of islam by trying to put what they call 'moderate' muslims on some sort of pedestal. Taking this a step further, our liberal press and the appeasers of islam within our own government constantly speak of being tolerant towards and coexisting with islam. So if simply being referred to as 'moderates' is insulting to their ideology consider this, islam as an ideology of hate and murder wants neither to be tolerated nor coexisted with as their ideology is centered around their goal of dominating the world.

And NO matter how our media and our western leaders try to claim that islam and radical islam are two separate entities their constant rhetoric to that affect has caused us to somewhat look away to and somewhat accept islam's barbaric acts and has actually allowed those acts to NOT only continue but to increase and spread worldwide.

But sometimes an act of barbarism does NOT come with the sword but comes instead with indoctrination into the culture of the ideology of islam by the ignorant and easily swayed.

And here is where we in America have allowed islam to creep into our culture. Thanks to the liberal left part of the problem we face is that islam is now being taught in our public schools while anti-sharia laws are being overturned by the actions of the likes of the ACLU. Yet Christianity and Judaism cannot be taught but the ideology of islam can be thus allowing young minds to become more susceptible to and accepting of islam as their possible future. All done without raising a sword in battle.

In the cold war between the cultures of the civilized and the barbaric 'open-minded’ liberals, too ignorant of the true nature of islam, are knowingly aiding and abetting the barbaric enemy. 

Therefore, knowing the true intentions of the ideology of islam and knowing too what offends them…tolerance…appeasement…labeling any part of their ideology as moderate...along with any notion that coexisting with their ideology is possible… it seems the only way NOT to insult islam is to accept their open and often reiterated invitation to go to war against them.

This should NOT be construed as any sort of promotion of genocide however, as those countries that want them are welcome to them, but they should be aware that harboring the practitioners of islam or being controlled by the ideology of islam will put them on America's 'Enemy Watch List.'

Let the barbarians do to each other whatever they want within the confines of their ideological map-drawn borders, but stray from those borders and be met with decisive force from the civilized Western world.

And the Western world includes Israel, the sentinel against all the vileness the ideology of islam is trying to impose on us. Without Israel standing between us and them there would be NO us...there would only be them. Israel, whom Obama tries to stab in the back every chance he gets, knows well the enemy in ways that we do NOT for the enemy is on their borders...the enemy surrounds them...yet they are still there. And why...because the enemy knows that if Israel is seriously attacked it will be over NOT for Israel but for them for Israel's very survival depends on their repelling the enemy at all costs, for truth be told if Israel falls the West falls with her.

Also remember, the ideology of islam is NOT that different from the ideology of Nazi Germany for islam, like mid-twentieth century Germany, is all about extermination of those who do NOT bow to their NOT succumb to their ideas of perfection...and who will NOT willfully be controlled by those who are NOTHING but throwbacks to the 7th century. 

Now let's be clear...islam...all of vile, barbaric, and bloodthirsty and the followers of islam will stop at NOTHING to bring the West to its knees. Many atrocities have been committed in the name of islam but since 9/11 most have happened 'over there' NOT really touching the West directly...that is until this past Wednesday when hell burst through the doors of a satirical French magazine called Charlie Hebdo.

And all over simple cartoons for the ideology of islam demands the criticism and mocking of Christianity and Judaism but dare to criticize, mock, or even depict a perceived imagine of mohammed and know that blood...and lots of it...will be spilled. And spilled it was on Wednesday when savages cut short the lives of 12 people over a cartoon. But thankfully, the French police did what America's doctrine of political correctness would NEVER allow...they hunted down the killers like the animals they are and took them out less than 48-hours after innocent blood was spilled, and they did so with NO apologies given. And the French people stood strong and united together with the police against those spewed from the very bowels of hell.

And as the smoke clears and facts start to surface one fact must be known whether Obama likes it or NOT...this was NO 'lone wolf' attack. Carefully planned and executed by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula operatives, those assassinated on Wednesday were targeted by al-Qaeda's leadership for what they perceived as defaming their revered prophet.

In fact, an al-Qaeda member on Friday provided to The Associated Press a statement in English saying "the leadership of AQAP directed the operations and they have chosen their target carefully."

Chosen their target carefully as well as choosing, we believe, a way to actually deflect what was done away from them for what was an act of terror meant to bring France to its knees has, it seems for the moment, backfired on the entirety of the islamic terrorist network. Rather than cower and offer more appeasement to islam…the people of France have boldly struck back...or did they?

On Thursday, just 24-hours after three islamic terrorists assassinated the12 people including two police officers…three concussion type grenades were thrown at a mosque in the city of Le Mans just west of Paris…shots were fired into a mosque in the district of Port-la-Nouvelle near Narbonne in southern France...and a bomb was detonated outside a kebab shop next door to a mosque in the eastern French town of Villefranche-sur-Saone.

But what seems suspicious is that in each of these events…the grenades…the shots fired...and the bombing…nobody was injured.

Nobody...absolutely NOT one drop of blood was shed.

So could this be a thinly disguised attempt by islamists to gain sympathy after Wednesday's horrific cannot put anything past folks as vile and barbaric as this.

In fact, just this past Thursday, Director General Andrew Parker of Britain's MI5, said al-Qaeda militants in Syria are planning an attack on the West, aimed at inflicting mass casualties on transportation systems or at “iconic targets.”

And what major iconic event if you will is coming up within the next few weeks and watched by millions worldwide...the Super Bowl in Phoenix, Arizona on February 1st. What better way to send a message to the world then to try and bring America to its knees.

Nonetheless, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre the French people stood up and took to the streets amid the highest possible terror threat levels enacted by their government. The people of France, it seems, have had enough and they are, for now, willing to stand as one against islam and its ideology of death. Just as the civilized world stood and defeated the Nazis, it must happen again and bring the 1300-year long genocidal agenda of islam to an end.


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  1. Guess are entitled to your opinion and certain parts of what you said most definitely ring true, especially about the media NOT reporting on black on white crime. However, where we differ is that I still believe most black people are good and decent people just striving for the American dream same as we are. It's the small vocal minority that are causing all the trouble. But your opinion is shared but many.