Friday, July 17, 2015

Unforeseen Ramifications Abound
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

So the deal has been done...and they're celebrating in the streets of Obama caved on all points of contention...caved to islamic theocrats...islamic terrorists...islamic savages...who want the 'Great Satan' and the 'Little Satan' to become the stuff of nuclear dust...NO other way to say it. And now Congress must decide if Obama's wish...for this is indeed his wish...comes true.

Congress...loaded down with those cowering in fear of the race card...'that' Congress will decide if his wish is granted or if Obama gets 'bitch-slapped' right across his traitorous face. I have little hope they will do the right thing for Congress is led by the likes of Obama acquiescer John Boehner on the House side and Mitch McConnell on the Senate side. But maybe if they see...if they understand...the true ramifications of what Obama sold America and Israel out to...well maybe then they will end this nightmare with a resounding NO vote...a girl can dream can't she.

And the ramifications go deeper than just what Israel fears most...annihilation by a madman pressing an intractable button. NO...these ramifications affect us all and the sooner Congress realizes this the sooner they will 'get' a true understanding of what Obama has done to 'We the People,' to America, and to destabilize NOT only the Middle East but the entire world as well.

To begin with, trusting the islamic 'devil' to abide by the deal...the accord...they just agreed to is fool-hardy...for the Iranian government is as close to pure you can get. In fact, a lesson from the pages of history is quite apropos right now for remember, Iran was part of the 191 nations who, in 1970, signed the 'Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty' and Iran is the one nation whose very actions prove they have been, for quite some time, in noncompliance with said treaty.

Also, remember these little gems that Obama dare NOT tell you...first, according to Sura 72:15, “The disbelievers are the firewood of hell” and we are the disbelievers...the infidels...and second, as per Amir Taheri, a respected Iranian author of ten books on islam and the qur'an, muslims should NOT make deals with non-muslims or their governments. "Muslims have every right to lie and to deceive their adversaries, and a promise made to a non-Muslim can be broken whenever necessary." And what is the deal just made but an exercise in taqiyya...qur'an sanctioned lying to promote islam and its goals...goals which include Iran wiping Israel and then America off the map.

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summed it up best when he said, ”Iran has two ways to the bomb: one if they keep the deal, the other if they cheat on the deal.” 

A double-edged sword, if you will, pointing at the Obama bloviated falsehood that with this deal Iran has been prevented from having a nuclear bomb for at least 13 years because the truth...according to some IAEA inspectors...and something both I and my Right Side Patriots partner Craig Andresen have said for a long that Iran has already amassed enough nuclear fuel to make or have already made a so-called 'first generation' bomb small enough to be dropped from a transport plane. Remember, it's the miniaturization technology that's needed to fit a nuclear bomb atop a ICBM (to reach America) that Iran needs most and both China and North Korea...NEITHER one friends of the U.S. or Israel...are helping them to meet that end.

And let's NOT forget that while right now we still are in shock over this very bad and oh so dangerous deal, the fact remains that Barack HUSSEIN Obama still has a year and a half left in his presidency which is more than enough time for him to continue on with his traitorous actions...and it's the people in the Middle East and 'We the People' here in America that will have to live with the consequences of this deal and any future deals long after he's gone. And let's also NOT forget that NOT only has he completely and totally betrayed our ally Israel but he's also betrayed the trust of our other two main allies in the Middle East...Saudi Arabia and Egypt...who have both made it very clear that they side with Israel in regards to this very bad deal.

And what are some of the ramifications of this very bad 109-page long very bad and oh so convoluted deal...Iran gets to keep 300kg of its already enriched uranium which in NO way meets the original goal of fully eliminating Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium nor does this deal eliminate or dismantle all of Iran’s centrifuges. And Iran now controls the inspections of its military in access would be subject to an approval process that could take up to 24 them more than enough time to hide, remove, and/or ship out anything they do NOT want the IAEA inspectors to see.

And now, thanks to Obama, billions of dollars in sanctions will be lifted and returned to the Iranian government to use as they see fit. And Iran will most assuredly use some of these monies to fund its 'proxy wars' in Syria and throughout the Middle East, including sending even more monies to Hezbollah and Hamas to aid them in their battle against Israel, as well as sending monies to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Now add in that Iran could actually use the released funds to buy upgraded conventional weapons for itself for NOWHERE in the deal does it specify what they can or cannot do with the released monies. And once their military is rearmed and their defenses fortified, Iran could then easily renege on the deal. And while this is all happening know that an arms race of sorts will be occurring on both the conventional and the nuclear front as the other countries in the Middle East will be scrambling to increase their military capabilities and to either buy or build nuclear weapons of their own.

And lest we forget the direct ramifications this very bad deal will cause to us here in America...and I do NOT mean just the obvious threat to our national security for there are economic ramifications as well.

Economic ramifications on the energy front...most specifically in regards to many forget that Iran holds 10% of global oil reserves and 18% of natural gas reserves. Remember, too, that Iran has a future production capacity of 3.5 million barrels per day...which is about 4% of global output...once their long-neglected fields are retooled and back on line thanks to the sanctions monies being released. And then when that happens major oil producers like Saudi Arabia will have to lower their oil production to help stabilize or firm up oil prices, as Iranian oil will 'glut' the market as they release the tens of millions of barrels of oil they already have in inventory. And when Iran starts increasing actual production...possibly up to 600,000 barrels per day at first...oil prices will drop low enough to force U.S. oil producers to scale back their production because oil would become too expensive for them to produce...putting even more Americans out of work...keeping us dependent on Arab oil...on the brethren...and allowing the enemy to compete with Saudi Arabia for control of OPEC.

Oh what a wicked web Obama and his cohorts have weaved and put in place with this deal made with the devil...and only the U.S. Congress can throw a wrench into this very bad deal but I'm NOT holding my breath for that...are you? 

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