Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muslim Brotherhood Creates Lobby to Stop Trump From Naming It A Terror Org
MEMRI documents the international Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to thwart any US designation of the group as a terrorist organization.

These efforts include paying millions of dollars to global media outlets, chiefly the New York Times. The Egyptian government and press are leading the way in exposing the Brotherhood’s attempts to prevent them from being designated a terrorist group. It is precisely this kind of awareness that needs to be brought to America.

Excerpts from the report include:
The Egyptian Institute for Political and Strategic Studies, which belongs to the MB and operates from Turkey under the directorship of Amr Darrag, who served as minister of planning and international cooperation in the administration of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, published a document by Dr. Badr Shafi’i on November 26 with recommendations for the movement on how to deal with America’s intent to promote a terrorist designation of the MB. The recommendations include: Appointing elements within the movement to supervise these steps and make contact with experts on international relations; contacting politicians, clerics, and countries that could sympathize with the MB in order to improve its image in Congress; establishing a legal-media team and hold ties with members of Congress; hiring a U.S. law firm and public relations teams; and establishing a substantial Islamic lobby in the U.S., while strengthening ties with movements opposing Trump’s policy.
“Reports On Creation Of Muslim Brotherhood Lobby In U.S. To Prevent Trump Administration From Designating The Movement A Terrorist Organization,” by C. Meital and H. Varulkar, MEMRI, March 16, 2017:

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