Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It Looks Like CNN Blew the Kim Jong-un Is Dead or Dying Story…And They’re Not Alone
Well, it finally happened. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reportedly had heart surgery and suffered a severe complication that left him in a dire medical situation. He could also be dead. That’s what CNN and NBC News’ Katy Tur peddled out respectively. Granted, this is a closed society, so be cautious and after China totally botched a science experiment in one of their virology labs in Wuhan which led to the current COVID-19 pandemic—I’m not trusting their sources either. It led to some excellent memes and social media posts. There were also very serious discussions about who would take over. Kim’s children are very young. He has one daughter and two other children who we really don’t know about.

Tur dropped an atom bomb that Kim Jong-un was brain dead after he slipped into a coma. She later deleted the tweet out of an abundance of caution and for good reason because the South Korean government pretty much refuted the entire story, adding that there isn’t anything unusual occurring across the 38th Parallel. No movements—nothing.
Now, come tomorrow, we may find out more—but for now, it looks like CNN and NBC News, especially jumped the shark on this one. Look, even writers at the left-wing Nation knew to take this story with a grain of salt, but then we got the brain dead angle. Dear Lord.

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