Monday, December 28, 2020

IMPORTANT...please read!
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Last night Pres. Trump, after being pressured by both parties, signed the COVID-stimulus bill, replete with but $600 going to "We the People" so as is to avoid a government shutdown.
Today the bill goes to Congress for approval with Trump hoping for a stand alone COVID-relief bill that would raise the relief monies to $2,000. But here's where it gets interesting because even if the dollar amount for the checks is raised the rest of the stimulus package remains as is with our hard earned taxpayer dollars still going to countries who don't like us very much.
If we cave and vote NO against the bill, the bill and a hoped for stand alone COVID relief part goes nowhere, the American people see no monetary relief whatsoever, and we will lose GA. And if we vote yes and the bill, as is, passes that still doesn't mean we will see a stand alone relief bill being passed anytime soon,. The original $600 allotted might be all we see while Trump is still president, while those who hate us relish in the fruits of our labors.
But even worse is the fact that if Republicans do vote against the bill, with the Democrats controlling the House they alone can pass the bill without needing our help thus leaving our side to look like the villains unwilling to help "We the People," and again we will lose GA. 
And to put it into a cut-and-dry perspective, an incoming Biden administration and a still Democrat controlled House would get the credit for any monetary aid we do get (no matter the amount), they would probably then control the Senate after we lose GA, and we will see our beloved America being transformed into a socialistic hell-hole. 
We've been had folks...this has been Pelosi and crew's plan all along, and I think Trump knows it. Our only hope is January 6th...which can't come soon enough.

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