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ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obama’s Fraud

obama birth certificate ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obamas Fraud
Many experts have weighed in on the analysis of Obama’s “certificate of live birth” and concluded that it is a forgery culminating in a probable cause finding of forgery and fraudulent document(s) by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office on March 1st of this year.  All of these methods used complicated computer software and other forensic methods to establish that the document Obama’s Administration posted on the White House website on April 27, 2011 was a forgery.

Through all of this, we have not heard one peep out of Obama or his handlers and agents about this matter; they believe that if they ignore this issue, the media will bury the story along with yesterday’s garbage.

This is a serious Constitutional crisis and breach of federal law; however, all we get from the media, the press corps, attorney general, and legislators is a “let them eat cake” and the “devil may care” attitude. In the first instance, this cost Marie Antoinette her head, the other our very soul as a nation founded on the rule of law.

We have fallen so deeply that the politically connected and elite have become an oligarchy and can break the law with impunity while the common man is made to suffer for the slightest transgression and subject to being called before the Bar of Justice.  The citizens are treated as subjects and are made to answer through myriad rules, laws, and regulations made by an ever larger presence of these oligarchs by edict and not legislation as our president and his officers circumvent the Constitution, legislature, and the courts.

However, to face this challenge, many dedicated citizens and patriots have not turned their backs on this issue as the press has ignored the truth of this matter.  Nick Chase is one these individuals that came up with an elegant method to prove that Obama’s birth certificate document is a forgery that you can perform in your own living room.  His simply written method follows my introduction.

A Simple Method to Determine that Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate is a Forgery

Nick Chase is a retired but still very active technical writer, technical editor, computer programmer, and stock market newsletter writer. During his career, he has produced documentation on computers, typewriters, typesetters, headline-makers, and other pieces of equipment most people never heard of, and he has programmed typesetting equipment. You can read more of his work at

Is Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate a forgery? Definitely yes, for those of us who have spent a lifetime writing and producing technical documents, and who remember how they were produced in pre-computer days, and who have the technical expertise today to produce them using computers. For us, it’s been an “open secret” that the document image released by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a complete fake.

So, last summer I wondered if there would be some way to demonstrate that this “birth certificate” is indeed a fake, just by looking at the document itself and without resorting to computer software or to any knowledge about how computers produce documents.  And, after studying it for a while, I realized that the forgery fails the “pitch test.”

What do I mean by the “pitch test”? Simple.  Manual typewriters (and monospace electric-motor-powered typewriters) have a “pitch” — so many typed letters per inch.  There were many different manual typewriter type styles in the 1960s, but by far the most common were “Courier 10″ — ten characters per inch, including the space bar — and “Elite 12″ — twelve characters per inch — with “Courier 10″ predominant.

Thus, all of the typed characters in a row of text would, if placed over another typed row of text, be in perfect vertical alignment (including typed spaces) because each typed character occupies exactly the same horizontal space in its row.  That’s what “monospace” means.

So, suppose I took a line of typewritten text from the Obama document and positioned it just above another typewritten line from that same document, if the “birth certificate” were authentic, then the individual letters in the two rows should be in perfect vertical alignment — one letter directly above another — right?

Using computer software, I copied the text “6085 Kalanianaole Highway” in line 7d of the picture and pasted it above (and touching) the text “Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” in line 6c, in the process placing the “a” of “Highway” directly above the “a” of “Hospital — the next to last letter in each line.  The result is shown in Figure F (F is for forgery) below:

Chase 1 ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obamas Fraud  
Figure F.  In a real typewritten document the letters line up vertically.  In the Obama “birth certificate” forgery, they do not.

(Don’t worry that the pasted-in line chops off the tops of the letters of the line of text below it.  The purpose here is not readability, but to show that the letters do not line up vertically.)

As you scan your eyes to the left, you can see that by the time you reach the “6″ of “6085″ the vertical alignment is half-a-character off with the “y” of “Maternity.”  This is not possible on a manual typewriter.  It would appear that the alignment problems originate with the word “Highway,” whose letters are slightly narrower and in a different typeface than the text in line 6c.  The difference in typefaces is most noticeable in the letter “H”of “Highway” compared to the “H” of “Hospital.”

If you still don’t quite understand — look at Figure M (M is for monospace) below, which shows how the two lines of text would line up vertically (with the “6″ above the “y,” using two spaces following “6085″) if the “birth certificate” really had been typed on a typewriter instead of being digitally created.  (I have added the bleeding-heart background to make the copy-and-paste more visible.)

Chase 2 ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obamas Fraud 
Figure M.  In a true monospace (typewritten) document the letters are in vertical alignment.  (Courier typeface used here.)

I carry a copy of Figure F in my iPhone so I can show people why the “birth certificate” is a forgery.  If you happen to be near a copier when an Obama supporter wearing the T-shirt passes by, strip off the shirt (male supporters only!).  Place its backside on the copier glass — being careful not to wrinkle or stretch the fabric — and make two photocopies enlarged 200% or more.  With scissors cut out the words “6085 Kalanianaole Highway” on line 7d from one copy and position them above the words “Maternity & Gynecological Hospital” on line 6c on the uncut copy, doing the best you can given the limitations of T-shirt fabric to line them up as was done in Figure F.  You should see something similar to Figure T, below:

Chase 3 ForgeryGate: A Simple Guide To Obamas FraudFigure T.  The letters do not line up vertically in the digital version of the “birth certificate” printed on the Obama campaign T-shirt.

This alignment was much more difficult for me to achieve than the one shown in Figure F because the T-shirt fabric twists downward at the word “Hospital” in line 6c.  I lined up the two “a”s along the vertical threads they touch (which corrects for the twisting of the fabric).  When properly aligned, you can see the typewriter letters don’t line up vertically, just as they did not in Figure F.  This works even if the T-shirt has been worn and put through the wash several times, as was the T-shirt used for Figure T.

It is an issue of evidence — concrete proof the document is a forgery.  And it is only one of many (more technical) concrete proofs offered up by respected professionals who have debunked the “birth certificate.”

You can challenge your friends to go on the Internet and search for any reliable evidence that anybody has posted that disproves Figure F or any of the proofs offered by others dissecting the digital PDF “birth certificate” which was released at

They won’t find any, because there isn’t any.

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