Sunday, April 29, 2012

Emotional issues...the crux of Obama’s campaign
By: Diane Sori

While Obama’s numbers are heading downward in the polls and Romney’s are heading up (yippee), Obama is trying to garner votes by appealing to emotions instead of presenting facts.  He is cleverly but underhandedly using immigration and women’s issues to try and get voters NOT to vote Republican.  Obama knows his record on the economy is dismal, if not an outright total failure, so what better way to throw a wrench into the mix of the Republican Party platform and its candidate, than to appeal to the emotions of women and Latinos, two very hot-button targets right now.

Case in point, Obama has put himself squarely in a battle with the Catholic Church over funding for both abortion and contraception.  While the abortion lines have always been drawn between the pro-lifers and those who are pro-abortion, the issue of contraception has, until now, remained in the background of political issues, if it’s even been there at all.  Contraception has always been a private matter between a woman, her partner, and her God...that is until Obama decided to use it for political campaign fodder.

By bringing contraception into the forefront, Obama has invaded our bedrooms, so to speak, and is dictating to us women what we must accept, because the government says so, even if it goes against our core religious beliefs.  And the sad thing is that some women are falling for this as Obama dangles their health insurance coverage as blackmail, yes blackmail, in front of their eyes.  

This man has sunk to new lows even for him but when one is desperate for votes one will do just about anything to get those votes, even if it means telling us he knows what’s best for us in relation to OUR bodies and OUR health.  And all this is from a man who I surmise actually hates women, because no one who likes women would dare to butt into so personal and private a matter.

As much as he hates women, Obama, I believe, hates Latinos even more.  While immigration reform has been a campaign issue for many presidential campaign cycles, when you now add to it the problems on our border with Mexico and the quandary over anchor babies, Obama has new items he can pull from, twist, and distort to serve his purpose...which is getting re-elected no matter who he has to use to do so.

Mitt Romney has always taken a hardline stance on ILLEGAL immigration much to his credit, Obama has not.  Obama encourages ILLEGAL immigration and anchor babies as he sees them not as people but only as potential votes.  By giving them all the handouts, freebies, and get out of jail free passes he can give them, he is actually allowing and wanting them to remain tied to the government teat instead of helping them to assimilate and get legal status, or showing them the door to go back home.  Obama has lost all concept of what it means to be a LEGAL American (after all there remains a serious question as to his own legality), as he uses these people for the votes they will give him because he knows that no one will bite the hand that feeds and takes care of them.

As for the issue of our unsecure border with Mexico, the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal says it American agent is dispensable as long as the ILLEGALS  keep coming and Obama keeps getting their votes.  This is about as low as one can go because Obama is just encouraging the Latinos to remain stagnant and dependent on government handouts once they get here instead of helping them obtain the American dream of self-sufficiency and pride.

Obama’s strategists hope these two issues will help turn women and Latinos to his side come November.  Obama hopes to turn the contraceptive issue and the immigration issue into ‘wedge issues’ that he can insert into the Republican platform so he can further divide our nation along both class and racial lines.  Obama knows he cannot run on his economic record or on his war record, as he has continued many of the policies George Bush put in place, but he does know that if he can successfully appeal to the emotions he can up his chances of being re-elected.

Bottom line...we cannot let this happen.  Voting based on emotional issues must be put aside and cold, hard economic facts must take precedence when voting over everything, because if our economic problems are not reversed the emotional issues will be forever mute.


  1. Excellent as always, thanx Diane :) :)

  2. You're very welcome and thank you for the compliment. :)