Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hey Obama...your policy change won’t help you
By: Diane Sori

Yesterday, Janet Napolitano announced that a new immigration policy will IMMEDIATELY go into effect, bypassing Congress, where those ‘young undocumented immigrants’ as she calls them (let’s call them what they really are...ILLEGALS), who came to this country before age 16 and are no older than 30, can now legally stay here and get a temporary work permit which can be renewed indefinitely until they are ready to apply for a green card and then citizenship.  The criteria for this included being in school or having a degree or G.E.D., no criminal history, having served in the military and/or and having lived at least 5 continuous years in the U.S.

Janet Napolitano flat out said that the announcement had NOTHING to do with politics...LIAR!!!

“To mend our national immigration policy to make it more fair for young people...who are in their hearts and minds Americans but not on paper.”  These are Barack Hussein Obama’s words for his implementing this policy change through what amounts to yet another Executive Order.

My words or should I say ‘word’ is...bullshit!  Obama is using these people for his own re-election bid and these people will be the ones screwed by him when all the dust settles.  

Last year Obama said he could not do what he has just done without Congress, yet how convenient is it that with just 5 months until the election and with his considering the Hispanic vote a possible deciding factor, he now decides to go against his own words and cater to these very people.  Done deliberately while Congress was NOT in session, this man has no bounds to how low he will sink for votes nor does he care that he is out and out trashing our Constitution, while subverting, mocking, and rendering Congress impotent yet again.

During yesterday’s news conference, which started 45 minutes late as he probably had to change out of his golf clothes; Obama said he blames (there’s his favorite word again) having to do this on Republicans because they did not allow his Dream Act to pass in the Senate.  “Send me the Dream Act; put it on my desk and I’ll sign it immediately,” were his words, which were NOT mere words but words that masked a threat to Congress that they better do his bidding...or else.

And here’s something else to think about...with this change to our immigration policy (involving 800,000 future probable Democratic voters who will now be competing with Americans for jobs), this miserable excuse of a president has deliberately defamed and dishonored all those who LEGALLY came before; all those who had to wait the given amount of residency time, learn the language, study American history in order to pass citizenship tests, all required on the road to becoming true American citizens.  Your ancestors and my ancestors have just been shit upon by this man who cares more about the votes this abomination will get him than he cares about the true meaning of what it means to be an American.

Of course some will now arguably say that this policy change is really not that different than the plan Republican Senator Marco Rubio proposed.  But it is, as Rubio's plan was to be brought before Congress for discussion following parliamentary procedures and would NOT be rammed through without Congressional and Senatorial approval, and that my friends, is one HUGE difference.

Senator Rubio said after yesterday’s press conference that, “Today’s announcement will be welcome news for many of these kids desperate for an answer, but it is a short term answer to a long term problem. And by once again ignoring the Constitution and going around Congress, this short term policy will make it harder to find a balanced and responsible long term one.”

And Mitt Romney agreed with Rubio’s sentiments saying this is just a short term fix that needs a long term legislative solution.  Romney also made it clear that this can be reversed by subsequent presidents.
How right he is, wink, wink.

The point blank bottom line is that this is indeed motivated by political expediency and political expediency alone.  If Congress allows this to stand and does not call Obama to task for violating our Constitution, then every single member of Congress is just as responsible for this violation as Obama is.

But while Obama thinks he’s pulled off a big political coup, there might just be a silver lining to all this, and it involves numbers, simple numbers. By the numbers: Mexican-Americans comprise 32 million voters, the largest Hispanic voting bloc and this who Obama has directed this policy change towards.  Of those 32 million, 21 million live for the most part in just four states, California (14 million), New York (3.5 million), Illinois (2 million), and New Jersey (1.5 million).  Those states always go Democratic anyway so even factoring in those numbers there is no game changer here as those states would remain blue no matter what.  

The other 10 million Mexican-Americans live in Texas (9.4 million) and in Arizona (1.9 million). Those states always go Republican so again no game changer here. 

Colorado (1 million) and New Mexico (1 million) could go either way but those numbers will not be a game changer as the electoral votes between the two add up to only 14 votes (Colorado has 9 and New Mexico has 5) and I don’t believe the election will be close enough for that to matter in the end as ‘We the People’ see through what Obama is trying to do.

And while Florida has 4.5 million Hispanics, Obama forgets they are mostly Cuban-Americans who have completely different opinions on immigration than Mexican-Americans do due to the ‘Wet Foot/Dry Foot’ policy currently in place, and who for the most part always vote Republican.  I can guarantee that in this election they will continue to do so simply out of fear that Obama would rescind that long held Cuban-friendly policy.

So in the end it might just be a miscalculation in the importance of the numbers that screws Obama and I, for one, could not be happier about it!


  1. I hope you're right Diane. There is concern for how many illegal voters there are going to be as a direct result of this. President Obama is not very smart, but he can be cunning. I hope the silver lining to all of this is that it pushes Governor Romney toward naming Marco Rubio as his running mate, as opposed to one of the Caspar Milquetoast alternatives. That could be the real game changer.

    1. Yes, picking Marco would definitely seal the deal. Marco is most assuredly on the short list and hopefully Mitt realizes that Marco brings more to the table than any of the others on his list. And I do believe I'm right because while words can lie, numbers really can't.