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Why Is The “Blame Bush” Strategy Working Again?

Obama Bush SC Why Is The Blame Bush Strategy Working Again?
I heard about (and then saw) a poll the other day that said 60% of those surveyed believe President Obama’s mantra of “it’s all Bush’s fault” for our current national mess. Really? Obama has put this country, in less than four years, in more debt than we had accumulated from our founding until now (236 years), and it’s Bush’s fault?

Are we Americans that easily deceived? Two things account for where our country is today: The Neighborhood Reinvestment Act signed into law by President Jimmy Carter and the complete abdication of oversight with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Oh yeah, their is a third thing: an artifical housing bubble caused by the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE agenda pushing an artificial “level playing field” for housing.

When Bush proposed the TARP program (an enormous bailout plan for financial institutions caught in the housing scheme perpetuated by Congress), one Senator Barack Obama supported the idea, but now, it’s all Bush’s fault? Instead of cutting back on spending to buy votes and repay political cronies, Obama opened up the spigots of the United States Treasury and tried to buy financial ability. Obama basically screwed private investors in both Chrysler and General Motors in order to turn over both entities to the unions. It cost thousands of jobs to do that, but remember, it was Bush’s fault!

Obama spent tens of BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to “jumpstart green energy”, only to see most of these companies go out of business and take our money with them….but it’s Bush’s fault? Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency is shutting down coal plants left and right, causing energy prices to “necessarily skyrocket” and hurting the people in this country who can least afford it. It will cause a lot more unemployment….but it’s Bush’s fault. Obama has placed a halt to oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico because of the BP oil spill and in spite of a federal judge’s order to resume drilling. This action has caused hundreds of thousands of layoffs in the Gulf coast region and the loss of billions in oil revenue and lost wages……but it’s Bush’s fault? Oh yeah, Obama’s decision NOT to allow the Canadians to pump their oil to us through the Keystone Pipeline has initially cost America about 20,000 good paying jobs. Obama’s decision made even the unions angry…..but it’s Bush’s fault? These energy decisions hve made us MORE dependent on the Middle East countries that really don’t like us……but again, it’s Bush’s fault!

We are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend in this country because Obama and the SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVES refuse to stop spending money we don’t have. Obama refuses to put forth a workable budget (as does the Democratic Senate) because they don’t want to be held accountable for the limits on spending that a budget would impose….but that too, is Bush’s fault.

Obama and his progressive minions in Congress are pushing their power grab of our economy…er sorry, their Obamacare health plan that scars the bejesus out of businesses because of what it will eventually cost them. Contrary to what the President and progressive boosters have told the public, their health care plan will cost EVERYONE more money and add a TRILLION dollars or so to our deficit…….but it’s Bush’s fault?

Obama keeps pushing for his “jobs plan”, citing over and over again the country’s “need to hire more teachers, police, and firefighters” (which isn’t even a federal concern.) It is a local issue since it is the local municipality that has to determine its own individual personnel levels and be able to pay for the extra employees. It is NOT a federal concern unless you’re a politician concerned about the union vote……but that too is Bush’s fault?

This man, Obama, ran for the presidency of this country promising hope and change. He told everyone who would listen that HE was capable of changing the way Washington D. C. does business, but now, after failing to live up to his rhetoric, it’s Bush’s fault? It seems that Mr. Obama is not willing to take the blame for any of his failed policies but is more than willing to try and take the credit for what others have done. Obama denigrates the wealthy as some kind of slimy evil incarnate, yet thinks nothing of running to them with his hand out for campaign cash. He wants to level the”playing field”, but it costs on average about $35,000 to attend one of his fundraisers. Seems like the wealthy pay MORE than their fair share just to get a picture taken with him. His insatiable appetite for campaign cash is Bush’s fault, somehow? Personally, I’d rather have someone in the White House who doesn’t keep blaming other people for his failures to both listen to sound advice and act in the best interest of the American people instead of a few special interest groups. Obama says the economy is fine, so why then doesn’t Bush get some of the credit for that?

My solution is simple. Why doesn’t Mr. Obama take up running , get away from the White House, and find out what’s really going on in the real world……like Bush did? If the American people are going to believe this BS and let Obama get away with taking absolutely NO responsibility for his presidency and it’s policies, what are they going to do if he gets re-elected and really doesn’t care? Or is that Bush’s fault too?

Photo credit: Lisa Sunde (Creative Commons)

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